Wilson Lam Denies Domestic Violence Allegations

Since winning the Miss Hong Kong 2022 title, Denice Lam (林鈺洧), daughter of eighties star Wilson Lam (林俊賢) has been embroiled in controversy. Recently, Denice’s mother Jasmine alleged that Wilson had been violent during their marriage, and that he even requested for Denice to undergo DNA testing to affirm her paternity!

Wilson: I Had Been the Tolerant Partner
Responding on his Weibo profile, Wilson made a point-by-point rebuttal of his ex-wife’s scathing allegations. He started his post by admitting that the ex-couple had two episodes of physical altercation, writing “The first time I (got hit), naturally I retaliated with a slap. The second time, was (also after) I had experienced domestic abuse numerous times, including psychological abuse, coming up to me and pointing her finger at my nose. I couldn’t take it and bit (her) finger…those who are understanding would know what happened and I needn’t say more,”

As for his ex-wife’s allegation that her punch was only “what an average woman could dish out”, he shot back and elaborated, “Not only once, there had been countless times prior including slaps and punches, whenever I had a morning work (I’d) be slapped awake at 4am, during quarrels everything in the house’d be smashed, threatening me with a knife, kicking and destroying the windscreen and more of such, countless times,” Adding that these are depressive symptoms women might experience during pregnancy, he tried to understand and tolerate, but admitted that he too had mishandled things at times.

Parents Separated When Denice was 3 or 4
Denying Jasmine’s accusation that she had been badgered by a “stick-like item”, Wilson said he had never held any weapon and had never barged into the mother-daughter’s room; and had only ever bitten his ex-wife’s finger, when she called the police. He added that the police was unwilling to accept the case, and left after 20 minutes, unlike Jasmine’s version of the story where she had “20 cops to protect”.

Each insisting on their version of what occurred, Wilson revealed that the two separated after that till Denice was about 3 or 4 years’ old when Jasmine suggested a reconciliation, but he turned her down and refused to see her again, though he continued to financially provide for them – whereas Jasmine told the media that Wilson had disappeared around this time, leaving mother and daughter to fend for themselves.

Shooting down any suggestion that he had requested to see their daughter’s DNA results, Wilson ended, “Let her continue acting and faking things, (I have) no comments.”

Source: HK01

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    1. It sounds like they were both in a volitile relationship. I don’t think she can claim that he was abusive in this instance, if his statements that he was reacting and defending himself are anything to go by (although biting her finger, geez he should still be ashamed of the act).

      1. Wilson is very wise to have call time out in their relationship. Some female can bring the worst out of a man…

  1. curious to know if anyone has more insider info or heard from an insider…. both sides are saying such different things.

  2. what a trash mother to take avantage of her daugther… & the media must hate her… why don’t you guy leave her alone…

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