Denice Lam Reportedly Used Pageantry Winnings to Cover Debt

Newly crown Miss Hong Kong 2022 Denice Lam (林鈺洧) is attracting the media’s attention as her background history get dug up. After making the news about her past statement about her sex life on television, a source close to Denice revealed that the beauty queen allegedly competed the pageant for money to pay off her credit card debt.

Although Denice worked as model and had her father and TVB star Wilson Lam’s (林俊賢) good looks, Denise’s career was on shaky ground.  A friend of Denice reportedly shared that before Denise competed for Miss Hong Kong 2022, Denice had a debt of half a million Hong Kong dollars and often relied on men to help pay off her credit card bills. The source revealed that Denice thought she could use the pageantry and the winning for her debt.

Denice’s Response

 When the reporters caught Denice running errands, Denice appeared to be caught off guard by their questions. When asked what she did with her pageantry winnings, Denice smiled and revealed she donated the funds. When the reporters probed if Denice owed debts on her credit cards, Denice frowned and responded, “No, there is no debt.” Denice then quickly walked away to dodge the questions.

In the evening, Denice changed into a cheongsam for a charity dinner and shared that she had been busy attending various events. Revealing that she only had 5 to 6 hours of sleep, Denice said, “I don’t want to have a cation. I like to work”

Denice explained that she had been trying to improve her public speaking skills and her eloquence. Although Denice was praised by Louisa Mak (麥明詩) for her directness and honesty, Denice admitted that she is still lacking but she did not regret her public statement of her sex life, “My mouth does not run as fast as my brain. I will not be so bold [in the future]. I will learn to filter and modify.”

The next day, Denice took the initiative to talk with the media at an event and clarified another rumor that Denice once stormed to a woman’s workplace to fight over her boyfriend. Denice was adamant that the rumor was false and that there was no third party in her past relationship, “People who know me know that I date for marriage. There was no third party in my relationship with my ex-boyfriend. This is fake news.

Denice revealed that she and her ex-boyfriend did not remain in contact and she is currently concentrating on her career over a relationship.  Hoping to perform her duties as Miss Hong Kong, Denice also wished to build her career successfully.

Source: HK on CC

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