Denice Lam Denies Sex Tape Leak

Seemingly mired in endless controversies since winning the Miss Hong Kong 2022 pageant, Denice Lam (林鈺洧) has made a police report after allegations of a sex tape leak. The 27-year-old said that she had heard news of a screenshot of herself which she initially ignored, but the rumors later blew up and she decided to report the matter to protect herself.

Denies Being Woman in Sex Tape 

Claiming to have insider news of the Miss Hong Kong winner being drugged and raped, the source offered two photos and a video to media, which allegedly included one with Denice’s face and another of her half-undressed and behaving intimately with an unidentified male in bed. However, those who have seen the materials surmised that the woman in the photos allegedly did not resemble Denice, and the video footage too was suspected to be excerpts from Japanese pornographic films.

Another recent rumor emerged that Denice participated in the contest for the prize money, as she had chalked up HKD500K in card debts. Amid the ongoing war of words between her estranged parents Wilson Lam (林俊賢) and mother Jasmine amid the two’s mutual allegations of mistreatment and abuse, it was revealed that Denice had taken a DNA test at Wilson’s request before the two’s reconciliation happened after many years. Adding that she will not comment further on her parents’ matters, Denice recently shared about having moved out and learning to support herself at the young age of thirteen.

Interviewed about the sex tape scandal, Denice had responded “Just one look and you’ll know it is not me”. Thanking her company TVB for the trust and support, the 27-year-old added that she would not let the matter affect her and will quickly adjust herself psychologically.

Source: Topick! HKET

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    1. Totally agree with you. Of course, it is always someone else cause we celebrities do not do these things.
      Regardless of whether it’s her or not, if the female was drugged or given alcohol to render her helpless, then that should be be the main focus, and be investigated.

    2. Those pictures up top are from her instagram. I remember checking it out after I found out she won. I also don’t quite get how she won. She’s tall and has a good figure, but didn’t impress me with the Q&A or talent sections.

  1. This woman must’ve made a lot of enemies in her personal life. It seems like she’s constantly in the spotlight for negative news.

  2. There are so many NOs/sad things in this article
    Someone published pictures of her being drugged and raped?
    Her father made her take a DNA test before they could reconcile their relationship?
    She had to move out at the age 13
    This girl is made of something else to be able to face so much in so little time and at such a young age. Give grace people.

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