Shawn Yue Wants to Buys More Properties in Taiwan

Shawn Yue (余文樂) has been married to Sarah Wang (王棠云), the daughter of a Taiwanese belt magnate, for two years and they have a son named Cody. Currently, they live in Taipei in a luxury condo. Loving the island’s friendly atmosphere, Shawn is eager to make more real estate purchases.

The couple’s current home is valued at $70 million Hong Kong dollars. The condominium complex has 19 floors and 119 parking spots which is perfect for Shawn who owns many luxury cars. Shawn and his family live on the 14th floor in an 8000-square-feet unit.


Since the start of the Hong Kong protests last year, Shawn and his family decided to stay in Taiwan. Looking to invest in more properties, Shawn was sighted looking at another luxury condo in the heart of Taipei City. The condo building has 23 floors, and each unit is about 2900 to 3500 square feet with a 150-square-feet balcony terrace. With entry prices starting at HK$40 million, the condo complex is extremely convenient with easy access to public transportation. However, Shawn felt that there would be a lack of privacy due to the condo being located downtown, so he is still looking at other properties.

At the peak of his career, Shawn filmed five movies in a year. After getting married, he has greatly reduced his workload and has not filmed anything since Mr. Monster <怪物先生> in 2018. At the beginning of the year, Shawn signed on to film China Top Arms: Mission Top Secret <中國兵王絕密任務>.

Despite his reduced filming projects, he still has a lot of income from filming variety shows in China and sales from his fashion brand. His interests nowadays include taking care of his son and looking at new properties.

Source: HK01

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