Shu Qi Awarded $130,000 for Illegal Publication of Old Nude Photos

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Last year, the Liberty Times published an article claiming that Shu Qi did not wear underwear briefs at a promotional event in Shanghai . The article also included photos from Shu Qi’s nude pictorial book released fifteen years ago. Shu Qi sued the Liberty Times for infringement, claiming $2 million NT dollars (approximately $420,000 Yuan) and an apology for the illegal publication of her old nude photos.

Shu Qi’s case against the Liberty Times was presented before the Taiwanese district court on August 24th. Shu Qi was awarded $600,000 NT (approximately $130,000 Yuan). The judge noted that the nude photos from fifteen years ago were published without Shu Qi’s consent. Her current career was also a notable departure from her early Category III movies. The judge ruled that the circulation of her old photos would have an impact on her current career.


Jayne: Fifteen years after their release and Shu Qi is still fighting the circulation of these photos…

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Shu Qi Awarded $130,000 for Illegal Publication of Old Nude Photos

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  • 16 comments to Shu Qi Awarded $130,000 for Illegal Publication of Old Nude Photos

    1. Funn Lim says:

      She should have bought back the rights of these photo? And what nonsense of these having impact on her current career. Her career was built on those photos and more! But do you even need her consent? Who owns the license? if she does then that is a clear infringment.

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    2. pandamao says:

      i remember shu qi said in an interview that she regrets ever filming those category 3 films.

      imo, she didn’t need the cat 3 to get in the market but not sure she will enjoy the same success in such a short period of time though

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    3. :) says:

      Just leave Shu alone, she has already moved on from her dark past. Go Shu!

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    4. Danielle says:

      Yes agree, leave her alone. She’s done well and come a long way since then.

      If those are her photos then obviously she has the rights to them. Good that she won her case.

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    5. Joyce says:

      I disagree. The reason she made it big was b/c she did porn to start. Some mistakes are never forgotten no matter how famous you are.

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    6. pandamao says:

      For some reason, there are a lot of other porn stars that made it big, such as Vivian Hsu. But it seems like she’s not as reminded of her past as Shu Qi is.

      I guess Shu Qi left a deeper impression than others (which totally make sense).

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    7. Jayne says:

      Pandamao, I thought Vivian Hsu only shot a nude photo book? That wouldn’t make her a porn star. Maybe that’s why people remember Shu Qi’s past more as compared to Vivian.

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    8. HeTieShou says:

      Why did she not say anything about those photos 15 years ago?? I personally don’t feel sorry for her because if she doesn’t want any chances of those photos getting published then why did she take them in the first place??? Also, she should have thought about how people will think of her when does those category 3 movies instead of do it and now regret it. You should think of the consquences before you do anything, instead of do it and then regret it later. Once things are done you cannot go back in time and undo them again…

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    9. Funn Lim says:

      Technically Shu Qi is NOT a porn star. However they filmed those movies, they’re considered milder than soft porn and may not even done for real (who knows it may be). The proper term should be cat III actress which can be anything actually. She has since distanced herself from those movies and carved a name for herself as a respectable actress. I don’t think it should ever be a stigma. It is one route to her current career, not many could have made it, and despite my opinion on her acting skills, she did made it in the end. Whilst I am not going to question the publication of those photos, depending on who holds the copyright, I will however say in her defence if someone makes a better life for themselves later on, whatever their past may be, they have moved on from there. So better judge them as they are now, not as they were then. Moreover Cat III movies are still movies, people pay to watch and be entertained for different reasons. It is a legitimate way of earning a living.

      Vivian Hsu like all Asian actresses, like all Japanese and Korean actresses and female stars did take some photos and publish in photobooks. That doesn’t make them a porn star! Moreover I believe Vivian Hsu bought back all the rights the moment she earned some money? Is that true? If yes that is a very smart move, unlike Shu Qi.

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    10. :) says:

      HeTieShou, even if she did that and didnt think of the consequences, everybody has the right to change…

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    11. Kidd says:

      Many actresses and actors did Cat III movies in the 90s, but only Shu Qi was hounded by it. Maybe because she’s the most successful?

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    12. HeTieShou says:

      To :), Ok sorry if I was being a bit harsh on Shu Qi. However, I still don’t understand why it took her 15 years to complain about these photos and try to sue the people who published them now?? Don’t tell me she did not know about her picture book being published all these years. Why did she dig it up now after so many years?? That is one thing I don’t get.

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    13. Joyce says:

      The reason why Shu Qi’s past is often brought up is b/c to this day, she still looks like a porn star. I’m sorry, but as soon as she opens her mouth to speak, I feel sick to my stomach. She just gives off this air of cheapness.

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      • AlphaGuy replied:

        Eventhough,I’m a guy but I do agree on this. She looks and seems like a nice person to have fun with but not someone I would want to bring home to my parents or even for the long-term.

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    14. :) says:

      HeTieShou, I think that she is fed up with all these things. Or maybe she just wants some money, who knows…Yet what Liberty Times wrote and did was really sick…Anyways, I just think that everyone has the right to change and move on. Shu is a very good actress and she deserves a second chance. Joyce, I dont think that she looks like a porn star. She is a regular actress. maybe u feel like that because her cantonese sound a little weird…

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    15. HeTieShou says:

      To :), I think you have a point but I guess it is because she wants money. I know that other actresses have done category 3 movies and all too, but it seems that Shu Qi cannot get out of that dark shadow. I know that everyone deserves a second chance, but sadly in some cases it isn’t really that possible. It’s like a career criminal who has done a lot of bad things in the past and then asks for a second chance. Even if he/she did want to change for the better,will everyone wholeheartedly accept and believe that he/she will truly change?? It’s like the dark past that will forever haunt you regardless of what you do.

      I have say that I agree with Joyce. I just feel that Shu Qi gives out this really negative “aura” of a porn star that is hard to ignore. I recently saw her in Hong Fu Nu with Wallace Huo and couldn’t stand her… She just looked and felt really out of place…That series was horrible too(it wasn’t just because of her but the storyline and script were bad as well).

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