Song Hye Kyo is Attracted to the Realistic Script in “Now, We Are Breaking Up”

As the premiere date for South Korean drama Now, We Are Breaking Up gets close, the lead stars actress Song Hye Kyo and Jang Ki Yong appear in a pre-recorded press conference to share their thoughts of the upcoming drama. 

As a romance drama, Now, We Are Breaking Up takes a realistic look at love and breakups and revolves around the fashion industry. Song Hye Kyo plays a mature and independent fashion designer leader while Jang Ki Jong plays a hip fashion photographer. Even with an age gap, the two characters have undeniable chemistry, but their differences in priorities and values threaten to keep them apart.

While many fans have come to associate Song Hye Kyo with romance dramas, the actress shares that the new drama is realistic and does not follow the typical fairytale formula. The actress shares that her life experiences and outlook have changed with age and she hopes to showcase a different aspect of herself through the drama.

Song Hye Kyo further praises Jang Ki Yong for being polite and kind, “No matter what the director and I say to Jang Ki Yong, he would listen attentively. When we first filmed in Busan, I saw him running over and I thought that he really suited his character. When he said his first words, his deep voice also really matched his character. He did a lot of preparation for the role and he worked really hard.”

Jang Ki Yong is grateful for the compliment and shares, “I am very thankful for Song Hye Kyo. No matter if it’s the first meeting or right now, I’m still amazed to be standing beside her. It was amazing to work with her in front of the camera and I was nervous during our first filming. However, she took care of me so that I can focus on acting well.”

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