Sung Hoon Enjoys Thrill of Skydiving in “Death’s Game”

Preparing to meet fans at the Performing Arts Theater in Taipei, Korean star Sung Hoon shared about how he happily did 13 skydives for webtoon-based drama Death’s Game, saving 1.3 million Korean won (USD$970)!

“Skydiving for Free” Was Irresistible Offer

A promising national swimmer before he was forced to gjve up his dreams after a spinal injury, the actor did not take long to take up the role of an extreme sports athlete for the drama. Knowing Sung Hoon’s rich experience in skydiving, his agency fully supported his decision to accept the challenge, while the actor had a more practical reason. ”Skydiving is very expensive in Korea, if someone’s paying for it then of course I should go!” the 41-year-old said.

Recalling how he did 13 skydives on the final day of his filming, he joked, “You can approach me of you need a skydive body double in Taiwan!” While he romanced Lee Ga-Ryeong’s character in Netflix drama Love (ft. Marriage and Divorce), the 41-year-old has no plans to start a family in real life, as he is “long used to being single”. However, the types he likes has never changed – someone who is cute, with no preference for age or height. He immediately asked the entertainment journalist “Is your marriage happy?” and holds a look and see attitude towards the changes after marriage.

Putting all his time and efforts into his career, Sung Hoon professes that his health is not as great as back in his younger days. With no new drama engagements recently, he has been taking it easy rather than obsessing on keeping fit, joking that “he is trying hard to find” his missing abs, though the oppa has learnt to control his meal portions despite having a huge appetite, as he knows he can no longer eat as heartily as back in his youth.

Source: WorldJournal

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