Sung Hoon’s Big Appetite Landed Him in the Hospital

Due to Sung Hoon’s bold and daring intimate scenes in past dramas, many fans have given him the nickname “Kissing Master”. However, in stark contrast to his handsome and suave image onscreen, Sung Hoon is quite the homebody in reality and loves to eat.

Currently starring in Korean drama Woori the Virgin, Sung Hoon is reunited with former co-star Im Soo Hyang where an accidental pregnancy pulls together the unlikely couple. Im Soo Hyang plays a woman who greatly treasures her chastity, but becomes pregnant with the rich playboy’s child due to medical negligence.

When not filming, Sung Hoon seems to have an unstoppable hunger. Admitting his love for food, he expressed, “I hope to live a pig’s life.”

In reality show, I Live Alone, Sung Hoon showcased his shocking appetite. In a single sitting, he can consume a 4 portions of kimchi, 6 bowls of rice, 2 crabs, 2 pounds of pork belly, 1 cup noodle, 1 can of beer, 1.5 liters of soda, and 3 boxes of blueberries. In a short span of a few hours, Sung Hoon managed to gain 11 pounds in weight.

Previously admitted to the hospital for overeating, Sung Hoon said the only time he is not eating is when he is sleeping. Sung Hoon’s appetite might be surprising, but he would typically lose weight before filming for a drama and had successfully lost 20 pounds for a role in the past.

Sung Hoon in “Woori the Virgin”

Source: Ming Pao

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  1. When he hits 40yrs old, he will noticed those weight do not shed easily at all…. I found that out personally… So sad.. I miss my UK Size 6….

    1. so true 🙁 before I could lose weight easily and just ‘walk it off’ but that changed, i put much effort now

      1. I know…the same with me. I started bloating!! so annoying…I dont even eat much..

      2. Lol you guys need to be more lazy. For me at work there is no time to eat sometimes , and then at end of day after work I’m too lazy and tired to cook/buy food so I just go to sleep. Result is eating 0.5 meals a day

  2. With you guys on this. It’s so frustrating having those stupid fats refusing to go away and the pandemic only made it worse when my fitness classes were cancelled and I started to having longer working hours (and lesser sleep) which added more to the extra weight that I had been trying so hard to lose.
    Did some changes to my dietary, tried intermittent fasting didn’t help and only made me feel worse.

    1. I could not keep to my intermittent fasting… it does require discipline. And I lack discipline!!

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