Tiffany Lau is Dating Joey Law’s Half Brother, Wu Fei?

Upcoming TVB actress, Tiffany Lau (劉穎鏇) was recently caught going on a date with former Mr. Hong Kong contestant, Wu Fei (胡㻗). When reporters rushed over to take photos of the pair in the car, Tiffany was shocked and bent over while trying to avoid the camera.

Winning the Miss Hong Kong first-runner-up title in 2016, 21-year-old Tiffany is highly favored by TVB for her clean girl-next-door image. After positive feedback for her participation in Fun Abroad <3日2夜>, Tiffany gained a sizeable fan base. Possessing 42-inch long legs and a super fit physique, Tiffany is also popular with her male coworkers as well. Although it was speculated that she has been secretly dating Joey Law’s (羅天宇) half-brother Wu Fei, the pair was photographed on a date last night for the first time.

After a dinner with the Fist Fight <兄弟> cast and crew, Tiffany was seen quickly leaving the restaurant to meet up with Wu Fei. Although she tried to dodge the reporters and tried to find an alternate route to the parking lot, Tiffany was eventually caught on camera getting into Wu Fei’s car – where the two spent the next 20 minutes chatting with each other. At one point, Tiffany’s head mysteriously disappeared from view. It was only until she spotted the reporters did Tiffany’s head finally reappear and the two hastily drove off.

Catching up to Tiffany when she reached her destination, it was seen that the actress was still very startled by the sudden appearance of cameras. Shuttering when answering questions, Tiffany said, “Please give us some space, sorry.” When the paparazzi continued to hound her with questions about her relationship with Wu Fei, she kept her head down and said she will not be accepting any interviews.

Tiffany Explains Her Reaction

The next morning, Tiffany was a little more composed when talking about her rumors with Wu Fei, whom she has known for long time. She said, “We were in the same training class as other Miss Hong Kong and Mr. Hong Kong contestants. Wu Fei also has a role in Fist Fight.”  Asked if she is dating Wu Fei, Tiffany emphasized, “We’re both westernized, so we get along well.”

Since they live in neighboring districts, Wu Fei gave Tiffany a car ride home, but Tiffany is not sure if Wu Fei is interested in her. “He’s a good man and takes good care of others. But we’re not dating. We’re good friends, but I don’t know if he’s pursuing me.”

Asked why she had dodged her head last night in the car, Tiffany started crying and she was very startled by the sudden camera flashes. As she is a new artistes, Tiffany doesn’t want others to misunderstand her and hopes others will focus on her work.

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  1. Really liking Tiffany in ‘Fist Fight’. She seems to be a young, cute version of Bernice. Looks, Accent and smiles very similar to when Bernice was fresh in series such as ‘Love Bond’.

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