Ruco Chan Impresses in Cameo Role in “The Invisibles”

TVB action drama The Invisibles <隱形戰隊> directed by Jazz Boon (文偉鴻) delivered an episode 25 full of heart-thumping developments, ahead of its final episode next week!

Ruco Sizzles in Baddie Role
The plot built up to not one, but 3 tension-filled face-offs between Elena Kong’s (江美儀) Madam Fong and Ruco Chan’s (陳展鵬) Shing-tin, with Ruco winning the first and getting released after being acquitted of a murder sentence.

In contrast, Madam Fong is suspended after Ben Sir’s (Jack Wu胡諾言) allegations provoked suspicions of false testimonies. She instructs Ocean (Kenneth Ma 馬國明) to be on high alert and investigate the identity of moles in the police force, meanwhile Shing-tin puts out word that he will “not let her live so comfortably” given that he had the chance to get out of prison.

The original choice for Kenneth Ma’s meatier lead role, Ruco made a head-turning cameo appearance as Shing-tin, nicknamed “Invisible MVP” and was seen in different appealing styles – from a shadowy, imprisoned image, to a refreshing, gentlemanly bespectacled look. From expressing his character’s skilled handling of the media, vengeful vibes on knowing Siu Rou (Osanna Chiu 趙璧渝) is undercover cop, to channelling vivid emotions through the eyes and poise when his credibility was doubted, Ruco’s seemingly effortless delivery of Shing-tin’s villainy so impressed netizens, they termed him an impossibly cool and stylish baddie!

Besides Ruco, actor Gordon Siew (蕭徽勇) similarly won praise for his convincing portrayal as Shing-tin’s defense lawyer in court as netizens praised him for bringing out the strong aura of a lawyer. Producer Jazz Boon also gave the cast their thumbs-up, saying that TVB is “truly full of hidden talents”, and that Gordon is also an outstanding voice actor in addition to his acting prowess.

Tiffany and Joel Seal it with A Kiss

Although the episode was tightly paced, romance was also delivered in Ying Fung (Tiffany Lau 劉穎鏇) and Cool Sir‘s (Joel Chan 陳山聰) romantic arc. Ying Fung teams up with Natalie Tong (唐詩詠) and the two successfully provoke the impassive Cool Sir into action, as the latter finally gets Ying Fung out and initiates a deep kiss. While netizens loved the romantic scene, they were even more enamored and praised the beautiful location where the kissing scene took place!

Source: MPWeekly

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  1. Ruco is doing a great job playing the villain! he should do more roles like this, i think he’s better at this then his regular goody two shoe roles. Loving this series. Got good laughs, great story and action. This one should win an award imo. Although the outfits that they have Tiffany wear cracks me up.

  2. Why do they act like he never played a villain role?? Before he became popular, he played mostly villain roles … such as in Every Move You Make, and even in ATV

  3. Ruco started off in villains roles in ATV & when he came back to TVB,

    This series is quite good, surprised that Ruco agreed to a cameo role & a villain as well. Possibly due to Jazz Boon as the producer whom he has collaborated before.

    This role reminds me of Hannibal Lector from Silence of the Lambs,

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