Tiffany Lau’s Old Injury Acted Up During Filming of “Fist Fight”

Starring in her first TVB drama Fist Fight <兄弟>, Tiffany Lau’s (劉穎鏇) role in requires both acting and fighting, making it especially challenging for the 21-year-old actress. The ex-beauty queen is thankful for her progressive career track at TVB and talked about the filming progress for Fist Fight, as well as her rumors with actor, Wu Fei (胡㻗).

Tiffany Lau: “I’m Not a Loose Woman”

Rumored to be dating former Mr. Hong Kong contestant, Wu Fei, after the two were spotted together in Sai Kung, Tiffany Lau insists that two are merely good friends who meet up now and then. Unhappy about the reports, she does not want viewers especially children and parents who watch Sidewalk Scientists <學是學非> to misunderstand her, adding, “Although I returned from overseas and have a friendlier personality, that doesn’t mean I am a loose woman. I’m also Chinese and my parents have always been strict about my actions and speech.”

The 2016 Miss Hong Kong runner-up, who also won three other awards, had an boyfriend whom she got to know in university, but the long-distance relationship lasted just six months.

When asked about her rumors with Wu Fei, whom she met during the pageant, she acknowledges that they get along well as they are both extroverts. He is also a “good man” who “knows how to take care of others”. Sharing her dating criteria, the actress said, “It is difficult to make good friends in the industry. When it comes to choosing boyfriends, looks are not a must-have, most importantly we must hit it off well.”

Hurt Wrist During Intense Filming

The 5-feet-9-inch actress got her taste of how tough it is to play a fighter in the drama Fist Fight. “I used to think it’s so cool and simple when I watched female fighters on television in the past, but it takes so much hard work behind the scenes as a six-hour fight may just be a fleeting minute on air.”

For Tiffany, flexibility training is a big challenge as it is about the mental endurance rather than physical ability. She shares her initial struggles of having the martial arts instructor apply pressure on her back while she stretches her legs open, admitting it was so painful that she almost cried. Realizing that the many boxing scenes in the show require real technique rather than brute force, the intensive fighting scenes also caused her old wrist injury to act up. Because her tendons were hurt, she could not use her right hand for two full months and needed to wear a protective wrist guard.

Thankful for Progressive Career track at TVB

Perplexed about why she was initially tasked to host the program Sidewalk Scientists when she first joined the station, Tiffany now realizes TVB’s good intentions in hindsight. “My Mandarin and linguistic abilities were both poor and I doubted if I could do it well, preferring a drama script which would be easier for me. But now I realized that having variety show hosting experience helped polish my enunciation, which allows me to get into character better now. Most importantly, viewers already know who I am [from Sidewalk Scientists], they would see another side and realize that I could be serious too.”

Giving up on her bachelor’s degree halfway to focus on the pageant, Tiffany went back to continue her studies in order to be accountable to herself, even though she really enjoys her current work at TVB.

Source: Ming Pao Weekly

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