Twins Janice and Jill Vidal Are Best Friends for Life

Like many twins, Janice Vidal (衛蘭) and Jill Vidal (衛詩) have been inseparable since birth. Sharing a passion for singing, they joined the Hong Kong music industry and signed under Leon Lai‘s (黎明) music label together. Supporting each other through many ups and downs, the sisters are best friends for life.

Sisters Go Through Everything Together

Janice and Jill have loved singing since a young age. Known to be very similar in appearance, the twin sisters are very close. The two belong to the same record company and their relationship has grown even closer because of it. They will often share happenings at work and swap advice.

Nevertheless, in any relationship, there will be disagreements. Since they have the same faith,  it allows them to maintain their relationship. Janice said, “We are now mature adults. Even if we encounter issues, we will no longer be petty. We have learned how to respect and understand each other.” She shared that Jill likes to receive encouragement from others, “I will encourage and pay attention to her and she knows that I really appreciate companionship. So we both enjoy quality time with each other.”

Since making her debut in 2004, Janice’s career was met with early success but her struggles with weight often made headlines. She is grateful for the individuals who have supported her over the years. If asked to pick three people she would like to thank the most, Janice frankly stated, “The first would be God because I believe that everything good is bestowed by him. The second would be Leon Lai.  When I first made my debut, he helped me a lot and gave me many opportunities. The third would be…there are too many people I want to thank! There are so many colleagues at my old and current company and all of my music producers. They have all helped me a lot so I want to thank each and every one of them.”

New Music Plans


Recently, Janice appeared at an online music event for JOOX and sang many songs to help bring positivity to listeners. The songs included ones that she rarely performs like the sidetracks to her album, Face the Lord <面對> and Home Is Where Love Resides <家門>. She also sang two R&B songs, one is <人间有爱> from local band R.O.O.T, and the other is The List from L.A band Moonchild. Of course, there was also the original version of Die Hard <命硬>, She Wrote All Night <她整晚在寫信 >.

The song was originally written by Wyman Wong (黃偉文) for a female singer who ended up not using the song. Later, the song landed in the hands of Justin Lo (侧田) who turned it into a classic. It turns out that Janice was the second option for the female singer but unfortunately, things did not work out as well. She had shared a video of her singing the song on her YouTube channel and received great response from fans. Janice shared that she really likes the melody of the song and it incorporates the R&B genre which she really enjoys. However, she is currently preparing new songs and has no plans to release an album of cover songs.

Source: Hket

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