Female Celebs Criticized for Weight Gain

Above: Amei, Joyce Cheng, and Janice Vidal have been criticized for their weight.

Body image is an issue of concern for many Chinese female celebrities. Their weights and sizes are always popular topics of discussions. As public figures, they are constantly under pressure to maintain perfect bodies.

Recently, a Taiwanese program thoroughly discussed A-mei’s (張惠妹) dramatic weight gain, which angered many of the pop queen’s fans. The fans complained that the program was disrespectful towards A-mei, and the hosts of the program had to issue a public apology as a result. Many fellow celebrities came forth to express their support for A-mei.

May Chan 4May Chan Does Not Mind Others Talking About Her Weight

Inbound Troubles <老表,你好嘢!> star May Chan (陳嘉佳), who is known for her obese image, said she hopes A-mei did not get offended by the program, but since A-mei is an extremely popular artiste in Asia, May said she understood why her fans were so protective. May herself admitted that she has been struggling with her own weight her whole life. “If others talked about my weight, I personally would not feel too offended. It really isn’t anything to me. If I were offended, I would have lost all that weight a long time ago!”

May said she is currently on a healthy diet. “Since the first time I filmed dramas until now, I’ve lost 20 pounds. I moved a little more and ate a little less. I can easily lose some weight in a few weeks. All of my colleagues have said that I look skinnier. I’m so happy!”

Joyce Cheng Opposes Weight Discrimination

Singer Joyce Cheng (鄭欣宜) struggled with obesity throughout her childhood and early teens. Unlike May, Joyce said the Taiwanese program was discriminating against fat people, expressing that a person’s weight should have nothing to do with the person’s ability to sing.

“A-mei is already a pop queen. She has a great voice, has great songs, and those things have nothing to do with her body. They need to take responsibility for their words. We should not judge a book by its cover. We should use our ability to prove to others. I support A-mei.”

Christine Kuo weight gainBeauty Queen Christine Kuo’s Weight Scrutinized

Christine Kuo (苟芸慧) understands the pressure of body image and weight management, expressing that the program went too far in discussing about A-mei’s weight. She said that if the topic of discussion did not benefit the matter, then the hosts should back off. “It makes the person who is being talked about unhappy, and that makes the person’s close friends and family unhappy too.”

Last year, Christine admitted that she was suffering from hypothyroidism, which led her to packing on extra pounds. Christine’s heavier image affected her career status, and she was faced with media scrutiny. “My fans were worried about me too, but I know what my body is like. I know how to face it. However, before I knew about [her sickness], I was really worried and felt helpless. As a public figure, these issues are stressful.”

Leon Lai Said Janice Vidal Was Fat

In addition to Christine, Amusic artiste Janice Vidal (衛蘭) also suffered media backlash for her weight gain during her hiatus. Janice’s mentor Leon Lai (黎明) had pointed out before that that Janice was “even fatter than a motorcycle”, which reportedly inspired Janice to lose weight as soon as possible.

In a recent MV filming, a much skinnier Janice shared some behind-the-scenes photos on set. However, some netizens pinpointed that Janice still needed to lose some fat in her stomach.

Source: Oriental Daily; Oriental Daily

This article is written by Addy  for JayneStars.com.

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  1. Those people who relish making such snarkey remarks about female celebs usually have problems themselves.
    They put down others to make themselves feel better.

    1. msxie,
      “Those people who relish making such snarkey remarks about female celebs usually have problems themselves.
      They put down others to make themselves feel better.”

      Agree, some people thrive on making negative remarks, putting others down to make themselves feel better. Since celebrities are public figures, they are easy targets.

    2. Agree too! Just like the retarded author who wrote a book to bash tvb artists and the working conditions. This guy already have problems himself.
      He put down others to make himself feel better.

    3. I think other than that, it is also because the general public actually like reading articles on celebrities getting out of shape because they are TOO perfect. They feel better if they also fail, and they cant always look immaculate.
      I do feel sorry for Asian celebs though, they have so much pressure to be stick thin.

  2. Maybe Amei is pregnant?

    Anyway May Chan is unfairly bundled into the list. She has LOST weight because she was big to start with. Just proves however much weight you lose if you’re still outwardly big people will still call you fat.

    Joyce I was surprised gained so much weight. I thought it was her fashion sense.

    1. May lost weight? How much? I honestly can’t tell.

      1. I can, a little but goes a long way. You can see she is a bit slimmer.

  3. anyways may chan is okay like how when she films a tv
    show but she is just too fat if she is not that fat she will look very nice

  4. well………….i think joyce cheng should lose some of her weight because before when she lost her weight she looks so nice and not very skinny but is better then the pic that is above

  5. Haha at Leon’s supposed comment but why motorcycle hehe

    1. Haha LOL…I know, FAT but motorcycle? What? I don’t quite get it either. That’s still a bit offensive, LEON LAI I mean come on, she is still a female haha LOL…

  6. As long as they are happy and healthy, why is this important? People are really harsh.

  7. Leon sounds like a jerk. What kind of boss is that? Not nice at all. Not like he is looking so spectacular with his body fat too.

    1. True that, he is FAT compared to his younger days. So mean hahaa…

    2. “The higher the monkey climbs the tree, the more of his butt you’ll see.” As.ho.le.

  8. Even I get criticised when I gain weight, let alone the celebrities

  9. Awful to have you body criticized so publicly. Weight issues aren’t simply about the ability to control what you put in your mouth, it’s about issues that go much deeper than that. My weight has fluctuated a lot most of my life until the last couple years… and it has never been about food.

  10. Unfortunately, many viewers are too critical in their definition of beauty because the brainwashing by the media and advertisers that slim is beautiful. In Samoa, large women are considered beautiful. However, I am pretty sure that these artists and ordinary citizens with rubenesque figures want to look slim or shapely proportional. Due to hereditary or medical condition (emotional or physical), these oversize individuals are hoping that society will be understanding and accept them them for what they are. Unfortunately, many viewers and the media are just too superficial and expect the artists to look like typical slim models.

  11. these critics clearly don’t know there’s a bulking season

  12. Ladies… just wear SPANX or any shapewear outfit and people wont see the big belly.

  13. I think Hong Kong culture is benevolent when they tell women to lose weight. In America, there is a lot of troubles so unfortunately, women are gaining weight. I think everyone should be skinny especially females (I dont care what guys look like) but I am not skinny either and I should be. I don’t think that fatness can be defended even though I still liked Delta Burke when she gained weight – I didn’t want to shoot her – but I knew she must not be as happy as she could be if she were thinner.

    So I am not sure that this is HKers being mean – I think people should lose weight – ME TOO.

    I feel bad for Fay Fay’s daughter if she has relapsed.

  14. when I see pictures of someone, I may be thinking ‘if only she hadn’t plucker her eyebrows” so I totally understand HKers pointing out when someone is not yet pristine and still needs some trimming.

    They’re just being honest and they’ll be happy for the person when they have lost the weight.

  15. Weight discrimination has been happening for a very long time… I know how all of the celebrities feel as I’m not thin myself.

    1. Unfortunately, we live in a society where vanity and sex is being promoted by the media and the public as well. There was a time when a singer was applauded for his or her ability to sing.An actor was praised for his or her ability to bring a character to life without overacting or underacting. Give the character breath, realism.. Sadly, that is not what showbiz is about anymore. I think 99 percent of celebrities inn the world, not just in asia, are underweight, and it is heartbreaking what they have to go through to stay that way.

      Even in schools, children are being bullied for being fat, because society has this stigma about anyone who they consider fat. No one wants to date you or befriend you because you have a bit of meat on the bones. Nowadays, it is not just the color of your skin or your sexuality that is preventing people from getting jobs, it is also their body size.

      We truly live in a sad world. Someone said celebrities are too perfect. Yes indeed they are. They are perfect at being hypocrites among other things.

      No wonder the sheeple are so amazed, broken hearted, disappointed or feel betrayed when they do human things, like pick their nose in public or put on some weight. Get real people, it is good to see some people with meat on their bones.

      I am slim by nature, but I enjoy a good meal and I will never go out of my way to starve myself to stay slim.

      I am a doctor from a very wealthy Hong Kong family and one of my friends is a security guard who has some weight on him. I trust this man with the lives of myself and my family, because he has a good heart and he is a decent and honest man. Just be honest and true to yourself and ignore the idiots out there. Beauty is within and those who are just looking at outward appearance are shallow, vain and ignorant. Please try to have a radiant, positive good heart and good people will see it and you will have individuals in your life who are worth your precious time.

  16. There are different kinds of body types.. Why can’t we accept them all.. Leon Lai has a flat face. Why is he criticizing about others?

  17. hi there

    1. it is plain cruel labeling some individuals as fat.

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