Steps Joyce Cheng is Taking to Improve Her Mental Health

Actor Adam Cheng (鄭少秋) and late actress Lydia Shum’s (沈殿霞) marriage ended unhappily–the couple separated when their daughter Joyce Cheng (鄭欣宜) was only 1 year old. Her father’s absence in her childhood and her mother’s death when Joyce was only 21, meant the singer/actress had to deal with life’s challenges at an early age. In an episode of talk show Stephen Talk <Stephen, 傾>, Joyce admitted that she has many insecurities, including doubts on the longevity of romantic relationships, and how she is coping more effectively with setbacks and disappointments.

Speaking with host Stephen Chan (陳志雲) in the hour-long episode which aired on YouTube, Joyce revealed that her deepest relationship also led to the most hurtful breakup. In 2015, Joyce infamously announced on stage during her concert that she had broken up with her fiancé, who had proposed not too long ago.

How quickly the relationship melted down left Joyce in shock and disbelief. “He planned the proposal with my family without my knowledge. [We broke up] because of a misunderstanding. I was working all day and after I returned home, he was still thinking about the misunderstanding and thought I was cheating on him. He broke it off. It really hurt my feelings. There was no way we could fix the issue. How could something so good take a turn for worse so quickly? It was a very difficult time.”

No longer in touch with her ex-boyfriend, Joyce found the experience to be extremely hurtful and threw herself into her work. “During that time, my new song was intended to encourage people to have confidence. However, I was going through a breakup. This song, in return, also gave me the encouragement to get through it. It is because of this occurrence that gave birth to many of my songs. ”

On whether this affected her outlook on love, Joyce expressed, “I’d be lying to you if I said it did not, but I’m working on it. I started seeing a therapist this year. Perhaps in the Asian community, the stigma of mental health makes them think you are ‘just crazy.’ That’s not true. If you spend a few days out of the week to exercise to take care of your physical health, why wouldn’t you take time to take care of your mental health? You need to have a balance of both.”

Seeing a therapist and focusing on her mental health has definitely improved Joyce’s outlook on life.  “I’ve learned that human beings are very resilient. No matter how difficult things are, you will get through it. You have to believe that you will eventually get over it and move on.”

Source: Sky Post

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  1. 21 is not an early age tbh…then again she may have been sheltered so didn’t experience what others may have. But glad to see her standing strong. Gai-Yao.

    1. @exodus tbf I think at any age it’s hard and she lost her grandma and mom in the same year, basically her whole family. I’d argue 21 is pretty young to lose two of your closest. She barely had a career then. I’m proud of the progress she’s made to make a name for herself. A role model she is.

    2. @exodus
      My buddy lost her dad at 20 and I lost my dad at 24. But you know, it is never ever easy at any age to lose a parent. It is the most painful feeling ever. Maybe you still have your parents so you do not understand the feeling of losing a parent or anyone close up to you.

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