Joyce Cheng’s 2-month Disappearance from Work

(Left) Joyce posing with flowers from her rumored boyfriend Derek’s florist shop. (Right) In her most recent IG post with hairstylist & good friend, Benjamin.

Achieving a career high, singer Joyce Cheng (鄭欣宜), daughter of late comedian Lydia Shum (沈殿霞) and Adam Cheng (鄭少秋), nabbed not 1 but 2 female singer award wins this year— but raised rampant speculation with her high-profile “disappearing act” thereafter!

Did Not Turn Up at Awards Show Despite Win
Not only was she absent from both nights of the ViuTV as well as Hong Kong Song Award Presentation Ceremony, the 36-year-old also did not share any words of thanks for the award win. While her record company claimed that she had not been feeling well, they did not disclose any details – amid rumors that her last-minute no-show caused monetary losses for the label. Reportedly dissatisfied with Joyce, they are said to have frozen her, thus explaining her recent absence.

The singer likewise seemed to have “disappeared” from social media platforms Instagram and YouTube, with her last Instagram update of photos taken with hairstylist Benjamin posted on April 26. She did not post any updates even on her May 30th birthday, evoking concerned comments from fans.

Relationship Issues? 


According to heresy, Joyce might have turned down work after being emotionally affected by relationship troubles with rumored boyfriend Derek, and could not be reached by either her record label or artiste manager. Reportedly seen vacationing in Tokyo with Derek during her birthday month, Joyce has yet to confirm nor deny the relationship up till now.

In response to the rampant speculation of her disappearing act, Joyce’s manager Sandy Lamb (林珊珊) replied that Joyce is indeed sick, but did not reveal any details about her illness. “As Joyce’s representative, I’d like to inform everyone (she) has indeed taken ill and is currently recuperating, hope that everyone can give her some time, I will not share further details at this point, thanks to everyone for your concern,”

Source: WorldJournal

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