Joyce Cheng to Debut as MC in New ViuTV Program

Joyce Cheng (鄭欣宜) has teamed up with Jim Ying (英健朗) for a new ViuTV talk show program Love My Mother’s Cooking <最愛母飯開> (literal title), which will be airing tonight, January 20th. On the show, Joyce and Jim interview various mothers around the region about what it’s like to be a homemaker and mother, while also trying out delicious home-cooked meals.

The show is also Joyce’s first program starring as the main host and MC.

“I’m not great with speaking. I’m not a quick thinker and I have horrible memory,” said Joyce. “It’s why I’ve been avoiding challenging talk shows even after so many years in the industry. After all, my mother (late artiste Lydia Shum 沈殿霞) was a golden MC! Why would I challenge that?”

But as Joyce recalled the challenges she had faced in 2019, she decided that it should be time for a change. “As an artiste, I should be more proactive in looking for other revenues to continue my career. When ViuTV reached out, I found the timing to be right. I had a happy time doing the show, and I hope to be able to use this platform to send more positive energy to everyone. Let’s all have a happy new year.”

As Joyce and Jim enjoyed the food cooked by other mothers, they reminisced their childhood. Joyce grew up eating the foods cooked by her family’s domestic helper, and when the show’s helper “re-created” a dish that Joyce’s mother was known for making, Joyce cried with shock. She asked the helper if she could write down the recipe so she could make it herself.

Joyce is thankful for Jim’s unwavering support throughout the filming of the show. Joyce said she realized that she could be too blunt with her words, to which Jim said, “I believe she does think before she talks, it’s just that her brain is big! And when she laughs, she can’t stop. That is genuine!”

Joyce cried and laughed a lot throughout the show’s production. She shared, “We met a young man who gave up an opportunity to veterinarian school to become a chef. His parents were extremely against it, but their son’s sincerity changed them. They felt a lot of pride for their son after seeing his results. As children, we all want our parents to not worry for us.”

Jim said he relates to the young man on a personal level. “I originally gave myself three years to become a celebrity. If I fail, then I will go back to nursing. After taking part in King Maker II <全民造星II>, my goal has never been more clear. Since I  have already found what I wanted, I should do my best with it! I am still a part-time nurse. Although I don’t have much time for myself, I am able to earn money, so my parents can be at peace.”

After Jim started working for ViuTV, more and more people have started to recognize him. Even his father now proudly promotes his works to his friends and colleagues.

Joyce said, “Young people shouldn’t think that their parents would only be proud of them until they reach their goal. The entire journey should be shared.”

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        but mediocre voice but considering the current hk music scene, had she looked differently, she’d be winning the most popular female singer by now.

    1. @anon Nah. Her greatest talent is being a well-adjusted adult despite living under the shadows of her famous but dysfunctional parents.

      Her love for her mom is admirable.

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