Next Year, Joyce Cheng Can Freely Spend HK$60 Million Inheritance

Second-generation celebrity Joyce Cheng (鄭欣宜) is the daughter of the late actress Lydia Shum (沈殿霞) and Adam Cheng (鄭少秋). After her mother’s death, Joyce has been depending on herself financially. Even when her account plunged to $26 Hong Kong dollars, she did not ask her father for money during times of need.   

Prior to Lydia’s death in 2008, she feared that Joyce would struggle with financial management given that she was only 21 years old at the time. As a result, Lydia’s will requires Joyce to reach the age of 35 before she can use her inheritance worth approximately HK$60 million.

Before Joyce turns 35 in May 2022, she could only withdraw HK$20,000 from her inheritance every month, which was not enough given the high living expenses in Hong Kong. 

Despite her financial struggles, she never thought to ask her father for money. Her parents divorced when Joyce was only 1 year old, so she always felt distant from Adam as she did not grow up seeing her father frequently.

Joyce remembers her mother’s teaching that she needs to work hard on her own to become a useful person. As a result, Joyce invested her time heavily into her music throughout these years. Her hard work has definitely paid off because her recently released song “First Tear Last Salute” <先哭為敬>has become a top track on countless music billboards.  

Although Joyce is only one year away from being able to freely spend her mother’s inheritance, she still depends on herself to create a name and stable income. As she continues to shine on stage with her music, Joyce’s accomplishments would definitely make her proud.

Source: World Journal 

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  1. That’s maybe $15 million USD? But I’m not googling conversion rate. For all the effort Lydia has put into her work, I expected more inheritance. It’s okay though, Joyce has done spectacularly for herself and has something to show for all her effort. She doesn’t need her mom’s money

  2. $60 million back then was probably enough, but due to inflation, it’s not that much anymore. However, it doesn’t matter since Joyce can survive on her own. Hope she will spend it wisely. 🙂

    1. yea, i hope they didn’t just leave it in a bank account b/c it is just devaluing everyday.

  3. they said anita mui has ~70mil hkd left now after all these years of supporting her mom, brother and family members. i thought lydia would have a closer amount.

  4. £2k a month isn’t exactly a struggle unless decide to not work and overspend. Plenty of people don’t even earn that amount month..

  5. Hopefully she surrounds herself with good people, investment and character wise. After 2022 she’s gonna have lots of opportunitist and potential lovers surrounding her.

  6. What happened to Edwin Siu & wife Wong Shuiyi? Dont see them on the small screen for a fairly long time.
    They are good actor & actress. I hope they are not ‘frozen’ by TVB for whatever reasons. All the best to the couple.

    1. This is purely a rumor, but apparently Priscilla Wong had a miscarriage and is recovering from so. That explains her recent absences from the spotlight.

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