Joyce Cheng: “Why Am I Living Like This?”

ViuTV’s new reality program Love Mum <最愛母飯開>, hosted by Joyce Cheng (鄭欣宜) and Jim Ying (英健朗), premiered on January 20. The show follows Joyce and Jim as they interview different mothers around the city and sample home-cooked meals. Inevitably, the premise of the show caused Joyce to reminisce about her childhood.

She recalled when she was a child, her grandmother insisted on personally buying ingredients to cook eight dishes and one soup daily. Joyce smiled and said, “Back then, I thought I didn’t have to learn how to cook since my grandmother cooks so well. Instead, I learned how to make pastries, so my family will have more things to eat.”

However, the singer regrets not learning how to make home-cooked food from her grandmother and not cherishing their time together. After her grandmother passed away, Joyce could no longer have a taste of home-cooked meals. She hopes children will learn from her mistakes and help their parents out in the kitchen to learn how to cook and spend more time together.

“Why Am I Living Like This?”

For the first episode, ViuTV featured Mrs. Tong (湯太), who manages a vegetable stall. On the show, Mrs. Tong revealed she worked hard her whole life until her dad said, “Life is short, so one should live comfortably.”

It was then that she realized life is not all about work. Joyce had similar sentiments; she agreed it would be meaningless if people only worked hard but didn’t enjoy life. She revealed that for some time, she would eat all her meals in her car. It made her wonder, “Actually, why am I living like this?”

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