Joyce Cheng Expands YouTube Channel

The COVID-19 pandemic has reduced job opportunities for many artistes. Actress and singer, Joyce Cheng (鄭欣宜), has been focused on managing hereYouTube channel lately, uploading several videos covering topics such as skincare, lifestyle, and life updates. In a recent video, Joyce appeared bloated with extreme eye bags. She revealed that she recently suffered a breakup.

She expressed, “When I was shooting for a magazine cover, it was the first day after my breakup. Why am I sharing this with you guys? Because this time, I was able to go to work and shoot for a magazine cover the day after a breakup. It’s telling me that I do not need a significant other in order to give me self-confidence, because confidence is given to me by none other than myself. I was proud of my performance the day of the photoshoot.”

Joyce receives a monthly stipend of $20,000 Hong Kong dollars for living expenses from her deceased mother’s trust fund. Coupled with her own earnings, Joyce purchased the luxury unit for HK$9.8 million 11 years ago. The 1093-square-feet, three-bedroom unit is now worth HK$29.3 million.

Source: HK01

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  1. Still $20,000 a month? Obviously Lydia worried her daughter would spend away the cash….

  2. Based on the number of videos and the viewership, I dont think youtube could/will be an monetary avenue for her. Maybe with the low opportunity for acting now, she could use this time to improve her physical image instead.

    1. @tomtom
      Social media And YouTube are essential methods to put your name out there. Can’t make much money unless selling a product, a service or a skill..

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