Joyce Cheng Scolded Alfred Hui for His Immaturity

Alfred Hui (許廷鏗) officially debuted as a singer after competing in TVB’s singing competition The Voice <超級巨聲> in 2009. Ushered into the limelight, he was able to successfully navigate his newfound celebrity status and negative rumors following the advice of his good friend Joyce Cheng (鄭欣宜). Praising her as a very good person in an interview, Alfred said he deeply cherishes their friendship. The 32-year-old thanked Joyce for standing beside him at his highest and lowest points and guiding him throughout his past 10 years in the industry.

He Matured After Joyce Scolded Him

Alfred revealed that he was very immature during his rookie days, as he didn’t know how to handle the paparazzi and negative press. He recalled a time when he discovered paparazzi following him while he was driving his car. “I kept on driving in circles to lose them because I did not want to be followed. At some point, I made a quick turn before the lights turned red so they could not follow me. Then, I intentionally returned to where they were and gave them an arrogant look,” he said.

At the time, Alfred thought he was so cool and told Joyce all about it, but unexpectedly, Joyce got upset at him. The fellow singer asked him, “Why did you have to do that? Don’t you think that is really immature? Do you know that you are actually insulting [the paparazzi]? They are just doing their job, so who are you to think that your celebrity job is superior to the paparazzi? Do you have the right to look down on others?”

Joyce’s reaction led Alfred to reflect on himself, as he never thought about his actions from another perspective. Feeling ashamed of his own arrogance, he matured from his mistake and learned to respect the occupation of others. “Reporters rely on celebrities, but we also need them,” Alfred expressed.

He Wants to Offer Comfort With His Latest Single

With many people in low spirits due to the pandemic, many artistes have been showing support through new song releases and virtual concerts. Alfred also sought to do the same by releasing his latest single “Feebleness” <無力感>, in hopes of offering comfort to those suffering and bring some positive energy to his fans.

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