Alfred Hui Ends Friendship with Hubert Wu

Did Hubert’s feelings for Sisley come between his friendship with Alfred?

Both finding stardom after TVB’s The Voice <超級巨聲>, Hubert Wu (胡鴻鈞) and Alfred Hui (許廷鏗) have known each other for over a decade. The two were often seen together on outings and were even rumored to be in a gay relationship for years. However, it was said that they had drifted apart ever since Hubert developed feelings for Sisley Choi (蔡思貝).

Former Travel Companions and Close Buddies

Once under the same company, The Voice Entertainment, 32-year-old Alfred and 30-year-old Hubert were very close. They had spent special occasions such as mutual birthdays and even Valentine’s Day together, and traveled to Iceland in 2018 to see the Northern Lights.

Point to Each Other’s Ghosting

Even when Alfred later left the company, the two still met up frequently. However, since the end of last year, Hubert grew increasingly close to Sisley, which caused a rift in the two’s relationship. Besides not meeting up in private, they also disappeared completely from each other’s social media updates, as can be seen from the lack of photos together, with neither likes nor comments on the other’s posts, for a period of six months.

When asked if their close friendship had faltered, Alfred claimed that Hubert did not keep in touch and failed to reply when messaged, while Hubert told the press he had messaged Alfred to wish him happy birthday, but got no reply from the latter. While each has their own side of the story, it was apparent that their days of cherished friendship are only a thing of the past now.

Despite having zero interactions on social media for almost half a year, the former good friends seem to be enjoying their lives separately. Hubert, reportedly seeing Sisley, has appeared to be in good spirits lately. Alfred has formed close bonds with another male, a cross-dresser named Ah Siu (阿小), whom he was often seen with. Alfred also frequently meets up with and confides in his good friends, Joyce Cheng (鄭欣宜) and Mag Lam (林欣彤).

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Hubert Wu Sees Sisley Choi as a Romantic Interest


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  1. i guess hubert was the girl of the relationship. now he’s the guy of the relationship w/ sisley.

  2. Seems pretty clearcut to me. Hubert and Alfred were most likely in a relationship. Then Hubert developed feelings for Sisley… and his relationship with Alfred ended.
    Maybe Hubert is bi. But I think he’s just confused or still exploring. Anywho, my gaydar is screaming through the roof. I’m gonna call it. Him and Sisley will not work out and he’s going to go back to guys. He’s way too effeminate to be in a heterosexual relationship.

  3. Either something else happened to them or they really were in a relationship. It’s highly unlikely their friendship is ruined because one of them decided to date someone.

  4. i dont see what so special about sisley her popularity has sky rocketed bromance finished something must’ve happened in between

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