Hubert Wu Sees Sisley Choi as a Romantic Interest

Although Hubert Wu (胡鴻鈞) and Sisley Choi (蔡思貝) claim that they are only good friends, they were spotted spending an increasing amount of time together. For months, the media was not convinced of their “friendship only” claims and after being confronted in an interview, Hubert finally admits that there is opportunity to develop his relationship further with Sisley.

Although Hubert describes his relationship with Sisley as good friends, he hints that there could be something more, “Many people asked if there is room for us to develop. I have said that the future is really unknown.  Maybe there will be something in the future. Right now, I tell everyone that I don’t know. There is certainly room for development, but I don’t know when. If there is a breakthrough, I will let everyone know.”

Hubert Defends Sisley

While Sisley is often the target of many negative rumors, Hubert is quick to defend her character, “People who knows her would say she is very out-going and has a western girl’s personality. It’s very comfortable to be her friend. She is very open-minded, but to others she may appear a little wild. She has a lot of physical contacts with other guys, so she needs to learn adjust her behavior to survive in this industry.”

Adding he thinks the public has misconception on Sisley’s personality, Hubert shares, “”I know she is not like that. She is slowly working hard to change everyone’s opinion of her from negative to positive. Many people have changed their opinions of her.  She is growing up amid the negativity and is striving to prove to everyone. Her private life is more controlled, and she is avoiding a lot of unnecessary news. I think she is very hard-working, smart, and dedicated to her work.”

Hubert’s Approach to Love

Describing himself as someone who is sentimental, Hubert reveals that he is not very experienced in dating and rarely makes the first move to pursue a girl, “Everyone should experience the process of pursuing someone. I really want to meet someone who makes me want to take the initiative.”

Despite lacking experience with dating, Hubert believes that there is a balance to juggling career and romance, and a significant other could help enhance his career. Hubert has strong family values and if he finds the right match, he would start his own family.


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