Hubert Wu, Alfred Hui “Honeymoon” in Iceland Together

Hubert Wu (胡鴻鈞) and rumored boyfriend of eight years, Alfred Hui (許廷鏗), spent the Lunar New Year holiday chasing the Northern Lights in Iceland. Although both uploaded individual photos onto their social media accounts separately, fans noticed that the backgrounds of their photos were similar and deduced they were on vacation together.

To temper the gossip, Alfred quickly uploaded a group photo of other friends who accompanied them on the Iceland trip and wrote, “Every year around this time, we’ll take a group trip together!”

Friends Tease Hubert and Alfred

However, this did not stop good friend, James Ng (吳業坤), from teasing them, “I only know [they’re on a trip together] after seeing the photos. I think they must be nearing a good point [in their relationship]!” Asked how James felt, he said, “I’m jealous!” Asked if he would be a main character if he also went on the trip, James said, “No, I’m just the groomsman!”

Jinny Ng (吳若希), who has teased Herbert and Alfred about their romance before, tried to keep a straight face when responding to the press about the men’s Iceland trip together, “I know Hubert went by himself and Alfred went with a group of friends. So you thought too much over the matter. They are very, very good friends. If I joined them, then it’ll be a honeymoon!”

In a “Stable Relationship”

Former label mates from The Voice Entertainment, Hubert and Alfred were often speculated to be more than good friends. Below are major turning points in their relationship:

February 2017: On Valentine’s Day, Alfred shared a selfie he took with Hubert and said they were a “romantic duo”.

March 2017: On Hubert’s 27th birthday, Alfred uploaded a photo of them together wishing Hubert “Happy Birthday”.

November 2017: Hubert bought takeout and spent the night at Alfred’s house. Afterward, Hubert said he was there for a large group gathering.

January 2018: When Alfred received an award at a music ceremony, Hubert happily shared Alfred’s big moment by taking a photo together. Alfred wrote on social media, “Good things are to be shared together. For important moments, they are more meaningful to be shared with important people.” When asked by the press to respond to his rumors with Alfred, Hubert said, “Our relationship is very stable!”

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