Sisley Choi and Hubert Wu are Dating?

Sisley Choi (蔡思貝) is often bombarded with dating rumors with many of her male costars due to her outgoing personality. Recently, the 28-year-old actress is again surrounded by allegations that she is secretly dating Hubert Wu (胡鴻鈞).

Although she had not previously collaborated with Hubert in a drama before, the two got to know each other when they worked together in the two-episode game show, Battle for the Exorcist’s Meter <降魔的捉妖遊戲>. When Hubert began losing popularity due to his alleged diva attitude, Sisley continued to support and encourage him. Although they have kept their relationship very low-profile, they were seen several times meeting up. All in all, the rumored couple was spotted going out together on three separate occasions in a short span of ten days.

The third time they were spotted, reporters boldly made their presence known to snap photos. Upon being noticed, Hubert immediately ducked his head down and avoided looking at the camera directly. Sisley appeared surprised by the presence of reporters and blushed profusely.

When Hubert finally got out of the car, reported asked whether he and Sisley were dating. Hubert initially replied, “You guys are mistaken. We are just friends.” When probed further and asked if they were together, Hubert blurted out, “Yes,” then quickly corrected himself and added, “You guys are thinking too much into it. We’re just friends. I am just giving a friend a ride to work.”

Reporters then brought up that they were spotted several times previously. Hubert responded, “Her home is on the way [to work] for me. It’s because we both have to work later. I still have some work to do. We are both busy, so there is no time to think about these things.”

Sisley got out of the car soon after, and reporters redirected their attention to her. Seeming to have agreed on what they would say previously, Sisley’s responses matched what Hubert told reporters. “It’s by coincidence we are going to work together. He has a meeting and I have some filming to do.” When asked if Hubert is boyfriend material, Sisley said, “’I don’t know. We are both very busy.”

Alfred Hui Responds to Hubert’s Rumors

As opposed to Sisley’s large number of rumored boyfriends, Hubert has only ever been linked to one person during his entertainment career – his fellow label-mate, Alfred Hui (許廷鏗). Due to Hubert and Alfred’s close friendship, rumors began circulating that the two were actually dating. When Alfred received an award on stage, he celebrated with Hubert. Speculations surrounding their relationship status was further fueled when Alfred announced in January 2018, “Our relationship is very stable!

Coincidentally, when rumors about Hubert’s new relationship with Sisley began surfacing recently, Alfred’s social media posts also became increasingly more sentimental. A few days ago, Alfred posted, “No matter how strong you are, there are some feelings that you cannot accept. No matter how much remorse you feel, there are some regrets that you cannot salvage.”

Yesterday, Alfred posted a photo of himself and wrote, “Thank you to those who have helped me. Thank you to those who allowed me to help them. Thank you to those who have taught me how to seek help. Thank you to those who make me feel alive.”

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  1. So is Hubert gay or bi?
    Just trying to figure his status, I don’t care or mind if he’s either of those.

    1. @mi520
      I was wondering the same thing but it is not like it matters as long as he is happy. Hopefully people are supportive and accepting of hi,regardless of his sexuality.

  2. Lol biggest joke ever. My gaydar is through the roof. Both Hubert and Albert are both obviously gay. This is false news in regards to rumors with Sisley.

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