Joyce Cheng Signs With Media Asia

Signing a new contract with Media Asia Entertainment Group, Hong Kong singer Joyce Cheng (鄭欣宜) also unveiled her new song “Nightlight” <小夜燈> during the official press conference. Singing her new song live for the first time and releasing her music video as well, Joyce looks forward to new opportunities in their collaboration.

Aside from shaking hands and hugging her new boss, Peter Lam (林建岳), Joyce received support from host Carol Cheng (鄭裕玲), who was her late mother Lydia Shum‘s (沈殿霞) close friend. Beaming, Joyce exclaimed, “I was so happy when Carol whispered, ‘You done so well.’ I’m grateful that a senior has given me recognition – I’ll continue to work harder.”

Blessed to be given a chance to work with Media Asia despite the pandemic, Joyce thanked the company for allowing her to release a new song and music video. When asked if she felt like she was spoiled by her new company, Joyce admitted that she is being looked after very well by them. Since she had founded her own company, Passion Fruit Records, to produce her own music two years ago, will her collaboration with Media Asia be long term? Joyce mused, “I’m used to working alone. It’ll take me time to adjust to being part of a bigger family. The company has many production resources.” She will focus on new music development this year and staging a concert will likely be a future endeavor due to the pandemic.

Source: Sing Tao

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  1. she seems so mature these days not the little girl when she dressed up as snow white. i guess her late mom’s death really made her into a strong woman. good for her. i like how they are promoting her to get the entertainment scene more diverse.

    1. @m0m0 not really, one of the reason is because most veteran celeb feel indebted towards her late mother so the ‘take care’ of here. Not a bad thing tho, it’s good karma from previous life to have a helping hand in your life.

      1. @sev2
        that might be true but i still think that it’s a good thing to have more than just 1 representation.

  2. to be honest she has a good voice but canton pop no longer have much place and popularity it used to…

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