Joyce Cheng Continues With Emotional Struggle

Not seen in public for three months,  Joyce Cheng (鄭欣宜) raised speculations over her well-being and direction of her career. There were even rumors that she had passed away.

Concerns deepened after Coco Lee’s (李玟) sister Nancy Lee (李思林) inadvertently revealed that Joyce had recently relapsed into depression. Since Coco took her own life in early July after battling depression for years, concerns over celebrities’ mental health heightened within the Hong Kong entertainment industry.

Joyce had previously admitted she was at an all time emotional low, and had sought help from a professional in 2017 to 2019 when she was plagued with terrible thoughts. She questioned her existence and believed that even taking a breath was wrong.

Realizing she had to take better care of herself, Joyce started to dance and hike regularly in 2020. It is said that her boyfriend Derek has temporarily put aside his floral shop business, and is by Joyce’s side every day to help her cope with. Her good friends are also on call ready to provide their help.

Joyce’s good friend, Benjamin, shared a clip of Joyce singing and playing the piano recently. Netizens expressed their support of Joyce and cheered her on.

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