Turning 35, Joyce Cheng Finally Has Full Access to Mother’s Fortune

Second-generation Hong Kong star Joyce Cheng (鄭欣宜) officially turned 35 years old on May 30. All eyes are on the singer, who will finally have access to her late mother Lydia Shum’s (沈殿霞) HK$60 million fortune.

As specified by Lydia’s will, Joyce could only withdraw HK$20,000 every month from her inheritance for  before turning 35. As Joyce was only  21 years old when Lydia was fighting her illness, she wanted Joyce to rely on her own abilities to survive and become a competent professional. Lydia wished Joyce would be mature and money wise when she had access to the full inheritance.

While Joyce previously struggled with monthly living expenses due to rising costs and only had  HK$26 HKD left in her bank account, the singer still did not ask her biological father Adam Cheng (鄭少秋) for help.

Busy For Upcoming Concert

Overcoming hardships by herself, Joyce has finally found success in her singing career. She could proudly show everyone and her mother that she is continuing to make great achievements and winning multiple music awards in the Hong Kong music industry.

Currently preparing for her upcoming concert held at Hong Kong Coliseum in June, tickets for the three dates have all been sold out within the first three hours of release.

With her birthday ringing in exciting new developments, Joyce said, “Thank you everyone for all your blessings! I’m 35 years old today! I wish everyone and myself good health and happy things to happen every day.”

Source: ET Today

This article is written by Minna for JayneStars.com.

Next Year, Joyce Cheng Can Freely Spend HK$60 Million Inheritance

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  1. Finally!!!! She really waited long..but she did work hard earning how own money and she did not give up. Well Done Joyce! Your mum must be so proud of you wherever she is now.

    1. Just hope she remains smart not to mix with people who will only leech on her or guys who try to scam her wealth in the pretence of romance

      1. Haha, this is Hong Kong we are talking about. Given how opportunistic Hong Kongers can be, I am not surprised if there’s already tons of peers, insurance agents, real estate agents, bankers etc chasing after her to dispense “investment advice”.

  2. Good for her. Can’t say I’m a fan of her work but I’m sure she’s endured enough crap in life up to now. Happy to see she’s now winning.

  3. It’s good parents leave large will for their children, but also good that Lydia Shum only leave for Joyce when she is 35. As some children when they have large will at a young age will ended up overspend and left with nothing. As not their hard earn money so they will just spend it easily without feeling a pinch.

  4. As a parent, I commend Lydia Shum’s wise planning in giving full access of her inheritance to her child only when she deemed she’s mature enough to handle wisely.
    Leaving her some monthly allowance which is by no means over generous suffice as I’m sure Joyce does not have to worry about monthly instalments like most common folks.
    With fraudsters and scammers with no scruples when targeting to prey and leech on lonely women, hope Joyce will be safe and I’m sure her achievements makes her late mum proud.
    Have never read about her father playing any role in her life.

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