Feeling Constantly Unhappy, Joyce Cheng Didn’t Know She Needed Mental Health Help

Despite the hardships she has encountered over the years both professionally and personally, Joyce Cheng (鄭欣宜) remains optimistic. In a recent interview, she shares her experiences as an actress and singer.

Taking after her mom, the late entertainer Lydia Shum (沈殿霞), Joyce has always taught herself to remain happy even during the toughest times. One of the best methods she has learned is to simply let it out and never keep things bottled up inside.

Constantly Unhappy

Prone to panic attacks and having suffered from depression in the past, Joyce stressed the importance of self-love through her new song, “Savior Song” <救命歌>.

Joyce said, “When I first listened to this song, I can already imagine that there’s someone patting my head and telling me that I shouldn’t be scared. Everything is alright. To be honest, this doesn’t happen a lot for adults unless something bad happens and the person you’re dating is trying to comfort you. But I’m single, without a family, and I live alone so when I’m faced with problems, I’ve gotten used to sharing good news and never the bad ones. I never have a chance to let it all out. I’ve always wanted a piece of work dedicated to mental health and I hope that people with similar experiences can relate to it. I can’t control if this song will be popular or if it’ll win awards, but as long as it’s helping someone – then it’s a success.”

Prior to releasing this song, Joyce said she wasn’t aware that she needed mental health help. In fact, even back in 2016 when she released her popular song “Goddess” <女神>, and took part in hit movie, 29+1, Joyce felt constantly unhappy. In her memory, Joyce’s worst panic attack came right before she had to go onstage for a performance. The panic attack started in the car ride to the venue and Joyce cried up to the moment she went on stage.

After the show, Joyce received a text message from good friend Alfred Hui (許廷鏗), who complimented her performance that night. Realizing that she hid her feelings so well that even her good friend couldn’t tell when something was wrong, Joyce began thinking if it was her problem.

Slowly learning to share her problems and unhappy thoughts, Joyce said that confiding in a friend really helped her with her stress. Alfred often jokes with her after listening carefully to Joyce’s problems, and would always offer his full support.

Understanding that everyone will have bad days, Joyce revealed that her life motto is: Everything is all right. She expressed, “The more things are not going well, the more you should say this as a method to encourage yourself.”

Be Yourself 

Suffering from weight and body image issues over the years, Joyce no longer feels the pressure to fit into the norm. She exclaimed, “Even if you’re used to the negative comments, you still get affected. As a singer, I need to promote myself so I always pay attention to the feedback I get. However, I’m a bit strange because I read every single comment. If someone took the time to write you a comment, why not look at it? Sometimes, I would reply them too – if they don’t have the guts to reply back, then who cares?”

Building up her confidence over the years, Joyce doesn’t live her life based on other people’s unnecessary comments about her. In fact, she said the only thing she can do is live her life as it is and continue doing the things she loves.

Pointing out that even a superstar like Andy Lau (劉德華) can have haters, Joyce  concludes how she deals with negativity. “I’m now 32-years-old and when people in the younger generation look at me, I can’t stay silent anymore. You have to teach them how to treat you properly and not just tolerate bullying. For example, I actively respond to haters but I will never yell at them – I will reason with them. Or if you feel like you’ll be happier if you write me a long hateful message – then I guess that’s a blessing for me.”

Source: Elle HK

This article is written by Su for JayneStars.com.

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  1. Most obese suffer mental issues. They use food as an outlet for their daily struggles.

      1. @luye

        Genetics can certainly assist in helping you get fatter, but that only plays a small role in why she is obese.

      2. @anon Eh, idk about that. There are recent studies about how much our gut bacteria plays a part in metabolism. And the inherited fat genes from the parents. So I won’t put food addiction as purely psychological. I mean, kids of alcoholic parents tend to inherit the same tendencies, too – you wouldn’t call that as poor impulse control… sometimes it just run in genes.

      3. @coralie agree! It’s all about metabolism. Two people can eat the same amount of food but one person can gain a lot more weight than the other

  2. I could imagine how hard it is, especially when you’re in constantly in the lime light. The individual that already has low self esteem has to constantly be reminded the positive side of things. It isn’t easy for sure. When you hear so much negativity about certain things of yourself, you tend to wonder if you’re doing it right. Sometimes you wonder and you try to mold yourself to the person that your Fans or other people want you to be. No one should have to feel this way, but they do. I do hope she can continue to overcome this. She has a wonderful platform that she can voice and express herself. I always say that you’re going to always have haters, you can’t shut all of them. Those people that likes to hurt or bully people, I let Karma take care of them.

  3. I remember back then she did loose alots of weight but then she gain it back again? It could be too much pressure for her.

  4. she’s not an ugly girl. idk why she doesn’t want to keep her trim weight in the past. she must have been moved by that fat acceptance movement. that movement does more harm than good tbh. i feel sorry for her. she lost her mom at such a vulnerable age, her father doesn’t give a flying ass about her, it’s true she doesn’t really have anyone. i would suggest to her to get a pet. they give you unconditional love, and they’re always there for you. you are the only one in their world.

  5. Why are you guys zoned in on her weight?? Overweight isn’t the only contributing factor for depression. If she’s skinner, will she automatically be rosy and rainbow? Obviously not since she did successfully shed off the pounds recently. Depression is more of the feelings, emotions, and mental as she put it. It can physically hurt you but it’s mostly your head turning into dead-end road.

    Wish her luck in fighting, surviving, and living!

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