Joyce Cheng Reaches 200 Pounds and Faces Weight Gain Criticism

Joyce Cheng (鄭欣宜) is once again criticized for her weight but her positive body image has kept her cheerful and confident.

The 27-year-old has faced heavy scrutiny for her weight since her childhood. Struggling with obesity all her life, Joyce went on a rigorous exercise and dieting regimen and successfully lost 100 pounds prior to her major entertainment industry debut. Despite her hard work and dedication, she never seemed to be slim enough in the media’s eyes. Regardless of her many other accomplishments, the headlines have always centered around her waistline.

The attacks became more frequent soon after her break up with ex-boyfriend Mark Ryan. Appearing more rounded in I Love Hong Kong 2013 <2013我愛HK 恭喜發財>, Joyce was said to have abandoned her diet and exercise routine. Later, she was speculated to have been dropped from her slimming institute endorsement deal after ballooning up to 180 pounds.

According to the latest report, Joyce is apparently getting close to reaching 200 pounds. Seen filming Wilson Chin‘s (錢國偉) latest project Hot Madam <辣警霸王花> last month, Joyce certainly looks heavier but she has also remained agile. While going through a boot-camp style training for the film, she easily climbed up a forty-feet rope ladder and performed a split without breaking a sweat.

Despite all the harsh attacks, Joyce is confident in her abilities and does not let the comments affect her mood. She works hard to re-direct the attention to her talents while emphasizing that people should not be judged solely by their weight. “I feel that weight should not be something that permanently seals someone’s fate. I have never given up on myself. I have actually received many job offers since signing to a new company this year. I am very happy.”

Although she feels comfortable in her skin, Joyce still understands the importance of staying healthy and is committed to keeping her body in good condition. “My boss has made me promise to get an annual check-up. I have done so and I am healthy and normal. I promised everyone I will continue to exercise, but I will stop being so anxious over my body shape and the numbers on the scale.”


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  1. As long as joyce is healthy and happy, weight should not be a issue.
    No one wants to be stick thin.
    The media should leave her weight alone

      1. Don’t know which world you live in but 180 pounds is obese for a lady her height. Everyone knows an obese person is not healthy…

      2. Mike, skinny 90 pound is also not healthy. So to be fair to everyone, Grace is heavily criticised and so is Joyce for being direct opposites. However 180 pounds is not unhealthy depending on the height. Not everyone is 110 or 90 pounds. Some girls, 5 feet 6 and moaning about being fat when they are 150 pounds. to them 130 is also fat. 110 is the magic number for all heights it seems or maybe lower. Joyce at this point is not healthy but she is trying. She is not denying but seriously, 180 pounds or 200 pounds is still manageable. Give her a break. Have seen overweight women or men who are active but is just big sized. It just it. She just needs to slip down a little and that’s all.

      3. Mike, the question is what world do you live in. Both my sisters and I deal with dietary and nutrition for professions, and Joyce is not considered obese. Just because you don’t like the way she looks does not mean she is obese. Ignorance is an unattractive quality, Mike.

      4. I seriously believe those who think 200pounds is not obese are weighing at this range. Even most men do not weight at this region. 200pounds is a freaking 91kg, and is the minimum weight that qualifies for heavyweight boxing category! If 200pounds is not heavyweight for a lady, what is?

      5. I guess many of you forget that Yang Gui Fei was considered a beauty but she was not thin either.

      6. @HTS: And you forgot that Yang Gui Fei lived in Tang dynasty which was more than a century ago. Now, Susan Boyle had to go on a diet.

      7. @ Funn,

        Well said.

        The stereotypical image of fair-skinned and frail stick-creatures (often with long hair to boot) to be classified “pretty Asian beauty” isn’t anywhere healthy either.

        EMOTIONALLY healthy and happy is way more important. IF she is active and happy that is enough.
        Scary and unhealthy is someone who is often in an internal struggle obsessing over how she looks (skin, features make up etc) and her weight.

        Portia (Ellen Generes’ partner) has to run 2 circles around a carpark if she chews gum = I kid you not, read that before in an article – this is beyond obssessive.

        How is that ever near happy and inner peace within?

      8. “Now, Susan Boyle had to go on a diet”

        More makeover than diet and she still sings beautifully.

      9. @alluka,
        Well obviously I know that Yang Gui Fei is someone from over a century ago. I bought her up because that shows that there are various types of beauty and of course the typical standard even back then as depicted in those paintings are light skin,thin, oval face,etc… But there are of course exceptions like her and not everyone wants a really thin girl.

      10. @Funn Lim: You’ve missed something and Susan admitted she went on diet for the album. And her singing is not the object but her look is. She does need to be slimmer to attract more fans and it was what she admitted.

        @HTS: The point is: Each period has different view on look. In the time of Yang Guei Fei, fat is sexy and good to give birth to children. It cannot apply for today standard when most men run for thin women. Yang Guei Fei is definitely NOT the only case in her period. Tang dynasty loves meaty women and thin women are described as ugly. You can try Savior Traveling Through Time to see that fact. Putting Joyce and/or Christine Kuo to that period, they would be beauty while skeleton girls like Grace Chan would be said as ugly at best. It was the standard of a period.

        Of course, there will be exceptions. Someone love while someone only like XS size.

      11. @alluka,
        That was my point exactly! From what I know,fat was definatelty not the standard back then. For some but not all. I remember my mom saying that there were other skinnier GUI Fei’s calling her fat. Basically, even now there are some that like women who are a bit plump now as well,but that is of course in the minority. Once again,beauty is in the eye of the beholder…

      12. @HTS: You can check with Tang dynasty history and you will see that meaty woman is the standard of beauty in that period.

    1. I totally agree. You can still see her collar bone, there’s no way she’s 180 pounds. I weight 160 pounds,my body is probably similar to hers. I can run 5km in less than 25 minutes, I am physically fitter than a lot of people who are lean and considered to be “physically healthy”. It is grossly unfair how the HK media is constantly attacking its stars for their weight. It is unrealistic to promote such thin ideals, it leads to body issues for women.

  2. Just let her be. Siu Bo is big too and ppl don’t make fun of her weight.

    1. Errr they did which is why she is slimming down and she does look slimmed down.

    2. agree,joyce chen’s mother was much fatter than her,and she was very popular with her weight,so let it be.

      1. and she was never popular when she was slim,so what is the big deal?

      2. and if she is a good singer then she is,no need to slim down,look at maria cordero good example.

  3. As long as her self-esteem, positive outlook and turning a deaf-ear to the critics, she can still emabrk on a successful career similar to Maria Cordero. Her plus size figure is probably due to heredity which she can’t change so just live on life to her fullest.

      1. Wrong! Maria is slimmer now than before but NOT slim.

  4. Its probably her thyroid problem. Otherwise get a weight loss surgery.

  5. She can’t help it. She has her mom’s fat genes. Some people can go on diets all their lives but can never seem to keep the weight off while other lucky ones can binge but don’t seem to put on any weight.

    1. Yup. She has it harder than most because of her genes. As long as she is getting the annual check up, I would trust the professionals instead of the eyes of Hong Kong.

      Love her songs!!!!

  6. who cares so long as she can sing? look at adele, fantasia barrino and jennifer hudson. joyce should market herself as a power house. but i guess i’m just being idealistic because this doesnt apply to asian countries and people would rather buy twin’s CD >.<

  7. “Despite her hard work and dedication, she never seemed to be slim enough in the media’s eyes.”
    She worked hard to lose weight one time and became almost healthy weight but she couldn’t control herself and ballooned back up. She wasted her “hard work and dedication” during those months because of her love to eat.

    1. @ Mike, dude, she broke up with her bf, who’s been with her for years. Sometimes people uses different ways to cope with their emotions. Not always healthy, but loosen up. She’ll find her way again. She doesn’t need your criticism.

    2. almost healthy weight? she was at healthy weight. She lost 100 abruptly. Her sponsors didn’t care about how she may have ruined her health with the abrupt weight loss.

      It’s ridic. for someone to say she was at an unhealthy weight after losing 100 lbs. I would say her lowest was probably 140lbs. I’m not sure what your ideals are Mike but 140lbs for someone around 5’5, is more than healthy.

  8. Genetics is only one factor. Of course she can help it, it’s about portion control and working out. And it’s not only about her love to eat. Most people who are obese do it because it’s an addiction. I lost a lot of weight too and the only way to maintain it is to change your lifestyle, not simply starving yourself for a couple months.

    1. With all the money they have and they can’t educate themselves on the health matter. It was a miracle for Lydia to conceived and had a child. Of course the child is spoiled. Joyce Said “mom and grandma doted on her” “if a guy ask her to slim down is a not a good guy.” She’s happy but for how long. 🙁

  9. She is allowed to gain weight and since she is a determined girl she can lose it but it is true; in HK 2 digits is slim, 3 digits is fat so for them Joyce was never in their sort of twisted ideal sort. And yet her mother was very fat and was TVB’s no. 1 entertainer. Has times changed?

    1. Joyce even when thin, would seldom be in the epitome of “Chinese beauty” in HK.

      And some of those “Chinese beauties” are seriously bimbotic, and talent-less.

  10. My cousin went to the same private school as her, Crofton, and my cousin recalls that Joyce was quite a biotch about everything. The criticism she is facing now may just be karma from her arrogant and inconsiderate attitude from before.

    1. Wow really joyce a Biatch in real life suprising she super sweet to all the other ppl

    2. She does seem pretty fake and only nice to the “right” people.

    3. Subjective.

      A lot of the Crofton crowd and their parents-moms/families have a huge sense of entitlement anyway.

      Comes with the environment, and expectations.

      Lived in the same Westside area as Joyce and mom before and have seen them around in the neighborhood and even lined up behind Joyce in the drugstore … and in the place where all Chinese go – Richmond.

      They seem close-knit, and pretty down to earth folk. Mom, grandma sometimes – no maid or entourage.

      1. Maybe this will change your opinion then.

        You’ve never been to the same Chinese restaurant as them then. I’m not from Vancouver, but my family was visiting family friends many years ago and Joyce & her mom was at a Chinese restaurant. They were basically knit-picking about everything at the restaurant and shouting at the poor waiters. Her mother, especially, had a really bad attitude. Honestly, the waiters are just doing their jobs if you have a problem with the food, talk to the owner DIRECTLY. Perhaps, she feels a sense of satisfaction after shouting at people who have less power and money than them.

        At the time, my parents were thinking just because you’re rich and famous in HK doesn’t mean you have the right to do that…

  11. Joyce is an average singer/actress, she would’ve never made it into the entertainment industry if it wasn’t for her famous parents.

    1. You’re kidding me right? Have you heard her sing? She’s got a great voice. But haters gonna hate.

      1. It’s called “connections” my dear. Nothing to do with haters or whatever.

      2. It’s sad but true. She wouldn’t be able to sing without people backing her up.

      3. Well her connection got her the industry’s best vocal teacher. I still love her songs b/c she’s got excellent control of her pitch and her songs exert such emotion.

        Her life would be very different without a different mommy and daddy ..

    2. Well yes and no. Being talented should be a requirement,but yes connections is something that we must all have in order to survive I this business and others too. There are many who are talented but have no luck and connections so do not get anywhere and vice versa.

  12. The funny thing is that I think she looks good even though she is supposedly “overweight”.

    1. @ Many thanks to her dad’s oval face. Lucky girl.

  13. I feel bad for her. Who would want to be overweight? Its genetic as well. As long as she is happy and healthy.

  14. I’m sorry, if she wasn’t the daughter of Lydia Shum and continuously uses her mother fame and connection, she wouldn’t have gotten where she is now. She sings pretty well and I don’t care if she’s fat or skinny, but her attitude is horrible. She’s always showing off her english by inputing every single possible english word in her sentence during interviews. It drives me crazy listening to her speak.

    1. it’s because she grew up in canada, and spoke english most of the time, therefore, her cantonese may not be good. it’s possible she doesn’t know how to say it in cantonese. give her a break.

    2. Why u hating, just because she speak in English. She’s not a fob. Mandarin is super annoying…..

      1. Sounds like you’re quite the hater toward fobs and mandarin

    3. Same goes with linda chung who also uses english in her canto unterviews…..

    4. That’s an unreasonable comment about her mixing English and Canto. I speak Cantonese well enough but grew up speaking English and all my Canto conversations are peppered with English words simply because it is a language I am a lot more comfortable speaking.

  15. In the photo above she looks good to me and if she does not go beyond 180lbs she should be all right and happy. There’s no point fighting a losing battle over your weight when your genes are against you. She should consider herself lucky she isn’t fat like her mother.

  16. I think she could try just a little harder. Though I’m glad she’s actually wearing something that looks fits well on her for once.

  17. Ya she is unfortunate to inherit the fat genes. It’s very difficult to be like other slimmer people who are more natural. She needs to exert control, don’t starve yet don’t look sloppy and she will be fine. Her mum was great but indeed too overweight to lead a healthy life. It’s tough

  18. It is sad that many are so shallow and care too much for outer apoearance. I remember many criticizing mainland singer Han Hong for not being good looking enough and stuff. However,once they heard her sing,their views changed and many learned that it is important to not judge a book by its cover. But maybe she is an exception because she is really talented.

  19. seriously??? don’t she just eat a bit less like not too much food because she will look very ugly when she is that fatttttttt~~~~ and the weight is “INCREDIBLE”!!!!!! 200 POUNDS!!!!!! o_0~~~~

  20. this is an unnecessary sacrifice on her part albeit she is obviously fit. Her mother already represented fat people in her career and her daughter was sadly fat during her childhood.

  21. Chinese people are not meant to be fat – our looks just dont carry extra weight well. Unless she has cushing syndrome and needs to put a face on the disease to help societal awareness, she absolutely does not need to be the famous face of fat.

    1. Some really interesting comments here so far. As long as we’re healthy shouldn’t matter how much we weigh. Is being sticks like Sharon Chan a positive example of how we should look like?? i dont think so!!

      1. “As long as we’re healthy shouldn’t matter how much we weigh.”

        It matters if Joyce wants to have a family of her own. Her mom is an example. It’s a cycle. How did Adam feel when he’s on top of mom and vice versa. 🙁

      2. >>> It matters if Joyce wants to have a family of her own. Her mom is an example. It’s a cycle. How did Adam feel when he’s on top of mom and vice versa.

        Her mom was always what she was. Adam knew all that.

        WHY he married her, and the lack of foresight Lydia had to begin with as to his character was more essential, than how they felt coupling together.

      3. (Her mom was always what she was. Adam knew all that.)

        (WHY he married her, and the lack of foresight Lydia had to begin with as to his character was more essential, than how they felt coupling together.)

        Really, he knew all that.

        It matters if Joyce wants to have a family of her own. Her mom is an example. It’s a cycle. How did Adam feel when he’s on top of mom and vice versa. 🙁

      4. I kind of agree. It’s being practical and honest to say that she will have a harder time with her love life if she is too fat for Asian standard. No need to pretend that Dad was so in love with Mom. It’s well documented why he stucked with her and then took off when he could. You can’t say he is a womanizer either because he is with his current wife ever since.
        And we too don’t need to pretend that 200 pounds for her height is ok if she’s not sick. Look at Siu Bo. She is famous for acting silly or acting as a successful woman? You think she likes being at virgin at her age? I don’t this anyone likes it. So please stop pretend this is ok. I do agree that it’s her life and she needs to decide and don’t let this get out of hand. Mum was at least 300 pounds.

      5. Lydia sum was not at 300 lbs. She was around 5ft tall. If she’s 300lbs she would look like this.
        This is a woman at 300lbs and 5’1. She was nowhere near that size.

        And joyce isnt as fat as the media is making her out to be. She looks around 170-180, and for 5’7 that is kinda fat, but not anywhere near that unhealthy death range or not being able to get married and being a disgusting human being the way some people here talk about.
        Just look at the difference in size between joyce and siu bo since they are the same height.

      6. It really depends. I have some really attractive men and women marry sort of chubby/ fat people,one of my friends is a very pretty and attractive girl but she married a not so attractive and kind of chubby guy because he is really nice and kind. No,he is not rich either. One of my brother’s married a sort of fat/chubby girl as well and loves her for who she is. But of course not everyone is so lucky.

      7. @ HTS:

        Unfortunately men will always be the shallower physical-gratification creatures. Chunky does not appeal, not matter how healthy.

        Cuddly teddy-bear men are welcome by women. I have a friend who actually prefers them, because she finds such figures more “reassuring and comforting”.

        BUT it doesn’t mean the same holds true for men. Esp NOT Asian men, who often prefer petite stick insects (slim, but with curves and boobs is the ideal – aka Jap-AV porn models).

  22. OK I’m female 5’7 and 180-185 lbs. I go to the gym 4 times a week which includes weight training and 1 hr cardio, zumba 3 times a week. I run or bike 10k once per week. I recently completed the Spartan Race. I wear a size 14 to 16. I’m obviously not skinny but I’ll be damned if someone says I’m obese or fat.
    There is nothing wrong with weighing more than the average as long as you take care of yourself. For those who think women need to be a certain weight you better take a good look at yourself in the mirror and ask yourself what you have to offer cause as you rudely judge others, so shall others judge you.

    1. in my experience, we just arent meant to be carrying five extra bags of rice along with ice when we walk around and that’s that. Our bones, our skin, our tendons just arent supposed to be carrying three extra samsonite suitcases.

  23. Joyce Cheng most probably inherited some of her mom’s fat genes. It’s very difficult to shed off weight. At least for me, I find it way to easy to put on weight than to shed off weights.

  24. Leave her weight alone. Her life, her lifestyle, she doesn’t need to make any promises to the media if she doesn’t want to.

  25. Stop picking on her! Being fat is nothing to be ashamed of. See how successful her mother Fei Fei was. As long as one is talented, there’s nothing to be afraid of. Besides, she has enough inheritance from her mother to last her a lifetime but yet she is still working hard. You go girl!

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