Vicky Zhao’s Drama “As Long As We Are Together” Sparks Fan War with Jiang Xin

Branded as a “tainted artiste”, Vicky Zhao (趙薇) has been blacklisted in China for nearly three years and all of her past works have been wiped off the China’s platform. It wasn’t until recently that one of Vicky’s drama, As Long As We Are Together <學區房>, was released but it was ultimately re-filmed with Jiang Xin (蔣欣) replacing Vicky’s role with the use of AI.

As Long As We Are Together was co-produced by Vicky and Chinese actor Qin Hao (秦昊 ) and the two were slated to play a young couple. However, five months after filming, Vicky was banned from the entertainment industry for an undisclosed reason and the production for the drama was out on hold indefinitely. It wasn’t until last year that the Jiang Xin was announced to be replacing Vicky’s role.

The drama’s Chinese name was later changed to <小满生活> and it received little to none publicity. Still due to the drama’s link to Vicky, the drama still attracted netizen’s attention. Sharp-eyed netizens noticed that Jiang Xin’s body shape look different and discovered that the drama retained Vicky’s body in the drama. In addition, due to limited production cost, the post-production editing did not completely remove Vicky’s presence in some of its scenes.

As Vicky remains blacklisted, her die-hard fans continue to leave message on the internet begging for her return to the small screen while criticizing Jiang Xin’s figure. This drew ire from Jiang Xin’s fans and they retaliated by referring Vicky’s fans as “brain dead”. While the fans from each side continue to scold each other, it created an unintended impact of promoting the drama despite the drama continuing to receive mediocre ratings.

Rumors of Vicky’s Wherabout

While Vicky’s return to the entertainment industry remains unlikely, there are occasional rumors of the star on the internet. Recently, it was rumored that the star committed suicide. This rumor was refuted after another netizen posted recent photos of Vicky

In the photo, Vicky was seen vacationing in Harbin without makeup while holding onto an ice cream cone and candied haws. She looked happy and appeared to have gained weight. In another photo, she was seen wearing a large jacket while posing against a snowy landscape.

Another netizen left a rumor that the star is travelling around the world and was able to do so because she bought a French winery for 36.4 million Chinese Yuan 1 years ago.  The rumor continued that the winery has been successful and has an annual sale of 50,000 bottles with an average price of 900 Chinese yuan per bottle.

Source: HK On CC

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    1. My question too. It can’t just be the flag incident over 2 decades ago. Some people brought that incident back to try to cancel her. I mean if that alone, it probably would be some anger, cancellation, etc. on her, but won’t be enough to make the gov ban her completely. She’s already an established actress, super big. With all the fame, influence and connection she had (probably still has a lot), I didn’t think this tactic would work on her. She was also a member of the CCP Party. So something definitely happened or like you said she offended someone way bigger than her in power.

      1. I agree… she is not like Zheng Shuang who is rightfully cancelled. Zhao Wei is more then a actress…she must have offended someone really high up… or her cancellation is to cover up a big crime we dont know about..

    2. Her husband and her inflated their company’s stock price. Basically inflating their stock price, has a bunch of people investing in them, then go burst. So I would say she offended a great number of the general public who trusted her celebrity status, but also quite a few heavy investors. Her and her husband owed a lot of money, and I don’t think she is intending to pay them, that’s why she’s still banned.

      1. I see…no wonder she is blacklisted. Commercial fraud? unsure if that is so in her case, but this couple need to take more responsibility for their actions. If it is not a fraud, then it is bad business management. I wonder where does she fall under?

    3. Last I heard her husband was under investigations. They managed to split the fun/get separated I think. But her company with her husband did take a lot of money off just commoner people, causing many to lose their life savings. So while they might not be able to pin her in jail time (like many who took all the moneys and just left the countries, or the husband will do jail time but the wife n their offspring are rolling in money *sigh), she are forever not able to get back into the entertainment industry

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