Kevin Cheng and “Hua Xu Yin” Cast Meet With Fans

Kevin Cheng (郑嘉颖), Yuan Hong (袁弘) and the cast of Hua Xu Yin <华胥引> were on stage to greet fans in Ningbo, China. Xiangshan Movie Studios promoted its new drama at the annual Temple Fair. The weather was perfect and the thousands of fans who attended were warm and enthusiastic, making the meet-the-fans session a wonderful experience for the idols and their fans.

It was the last day of the Lunar New Year yesterday and Xiangshan Movie Studio arranged the cast of Hua Xu Yin to meet their fans at the Spring and Autumn City Palace. Kevin Cheng, Yuan Hong  and Jiang Xin (蒋欣) were present to share their filming anecdotes. Approximately 500 fans from the drama’s official Weibo fan page were chosen from a lucky draw to get up close and personal with their idols.

Cast Discuss Their Roles

Hua Xu yinYuan Hong shared that he will play the role of Shen An in Hua Xu Yin, who on the surface, is just like Bu Bu Jing Xin’s <步步惊心> thirteenth prince: carefree, uninhibited and full of love. However, unlike thirteenth prince, Shen An’s love life is not a bed of roses, and not as light-hearted. Collaborating with Kevin for the second time, Yuan Hong mentioned that though he and Kevin played brothers in Bu Bu Jing Xin, they were not allies. In Hua Xu Yin, the men  grew up together and are the best of friends. When it was Yuan Hong’s turn to draw a lot for a fan to come up on stage, he drew lot number 13, much to the amazement of all present.

In the drama, Jiang Xin plays the lead role of the warrior princess, Song Ning who has a complicated love affair with Yuan Hong’s Shen An. In the midst of the interview, Jiang Xin scolded Shen An for being heartless. Yuan Hong, not missing a beat, belted out, “I am heartless, my China heart,” causing an uproar in the audience.

Despite the negative press that Kevin received after the character stills of the television serial were leaked, there were still fans who acknowledged that he looks refined as the male lead, Mu Yan.  When this was brought to Kevin’s attention, he remarked jokingly that in person, he is just as refined.

Despite filming long hours through the night and getting themselves hurt from the armor they have to wear, the 3 stars interacted with ease on stage. At one point, Kevin remarked that he feels he is the luckiest out of the 3, as he was not involved in filming the past few days. Throughout the session, the 3 artists gossiped, bantered and snacked all at the same time, creating an amicable atmosphere and providing the fans with a wonderful time.


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  1. “However, unlike thirteenth prince, Shen An’s love life is not a bed of roses, and not as light-hearted. ”

    Errrr… anyone who watched BBJX will know 13th prince’s love life was not a bed of roses and was never light hearted and was tragic and very lonely life as well.

  2. i rather want both of them to switch the apperrance because the outfit that kevin wearing is not his style the outfit on the left that the person wearing fit way better.

  3. Not to be rude or offended. I personally think that Kevin Cheng is too old to play Mu Yan. I’m so excited to see Yuan Hong and Jiang Xin. Btw, who’s playing Jun Fu?

  4. It’s great both Kevin and Yuan Hong are in this series. I’m sure it’s going to turn out good and will be a delight to all who watch it.

    1. I agreed with you, I am looking forward to watch this series.
      Kevin look so good and handsome and Yuan Hong look charming.

  5. i love them both , but they do not look good nor handsome 🙂 lol they look better in bu bu jin xin

  6. It’s interesting to note that in the pictures of the men and women of that period, the men all have long hair just like the women. And, they look pretty!

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