Wallace Chung Is Married and a Father?

In the twenty years since Wallace Chung (鍾漢良) debuted in the entertainment industry, he has always kept details about his personal life under wraps. However, recent rumors have begun to spread that he married his long-time girlfriend in Taiwan, and that the two already have a child. At a recent press conference, Wallace refused to respond to these rumors, but did not deny them directly.

A few years ago, it was rumored that Wallace was dating a girl from Taiwan, and that their relationship had been going on for several years. According to reports at the time, Wallace’s girlfriend was originally a fan of his and worked at the same business premises where his music studio, Cornucopia Music, is located. Reports also said that Wallace had purchased property in Taipei’s Hsinyi District, although he always kept a low profile when returning to Taiwan, thus ensuring that the relationship remained a secret.

Although Wallace never admitted that he was in a relationship, the rumors have since grown to claim that he and his girlfriend secretly tied the knot, that he is now a father, and that she owns a bread store in eastern Taipei.

At a recent press conference for his movie Drug War <毒戰>, Wallace seemed slightly nervous when reporters asked if he planned to have a family and kids. “I definitely want to,” he replied. “Only then will life be happy. But today, let’s talk first about the movie Drug War.”

Further inquiries about the rumors were evaded in a similar way, with Wallace saying that his “personal matters aren’t important” and that they ought to discuss the movie. He also refused to reply to or refute the claims that his wife owned a bread store. However, he did deny that he owned property in Taiwan.

Since Wallace is now under the management company of Johnnie To (杜琪峰), who is directing Drug War, reporters asked Johnnie what he would do if an artist signed with his company and then got married and had children. Johnnie jokingly replied, “That’s all right. You can have whatever you want, as long as it’s not cancer.” He also added, “It’s fine to have a personal life, as long as you don’t do anything bad.”

Source: Chinanews.com

This article is written by Joanna for JayneStars.com.

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  1. Why the most actors always hide his marriage?? Wallace Chung has to know that his fans always support him. We’re his fans. We’re so glad see he found someone special and has married with one child but we’re so disappointed know he lie to us. Just tell the truth and don’t lie anymore.

    1. Unfortunately, not all fans are like you. Some do go a little haywire.

      1. those are bunch of kiddos who barely reach puberty. or adults who behave like kiddos…

    2. Entertainers have the right to keep mum about their martial status. Most entertainers want to keep their relationships out of the public eye because they enjoy their private lives to be remain private.

    3. Unfortunately, not all fans are sane and will support their idol that way. Not getting any younger so it’s good to know he’s married and have a kid if the rumor is true.

    4. if he’s married, then he would lose his female fans.

  2. Wallace did admit that he has dated through the years so I would not be shocked at all if this is true. If she was formerly a fan, then in some rare cases it can be possible for a fan to end up with their idol but is it extremely rare. Congrats to him and hope that he can openly admit it so that he does not have to hide here and there and can have more freedom. He is already at that age so I am sure many would support him and will be happy for him.

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