Wallace Chung Signs With Johnnie To’s Management Company

Earlier this year, Wallace Chung (鍾漢良) signed on to film Johnnie To’s (杜琪峯) Drug War<毒戰>. The film also stars Louis Koo(古天樂) and Sun Honglei (孙红雷). Working with Johnnie To allowed Wallace to sign with Johnnie’s management company and film in Hong Kong once again.

Under new management, Wallace has his sights set on a singing and film career in Hong Kong. He said, “I’ve been filming in mainland Chinese dramas for so long, so I think that switching my focus to Hong Kong will be a fresh change for me. As an actor, we need to expose ourselves to different environments in order to challenge ourselves to become better.”

Wallace has starred in many mainland series and made for a name for himself as an actor in China in the past ten years. At the China TV Golden Eagle Awards, Wallace won the Most Popular Actor award from the Hong Kong, Macau, and Taiwan region. He became the first actor from Hong Kong to win this award.

As much success as Wallace is having in China, the Hong Kong-born and raised Wallace has no intention of purchasing a property in China because that means there  will be less opportunities and reasons for him to return to Hong Kong. He said, “I used to go back to Hong Kong once or twice a year. But now, my mom comes to visit me instead at cities like Beijing, Hangzhou and Chengdu. She uses that as an excuse for a vacation!”

Wallace started his career with TVB in Hong Kong, portraying Kenny Chung (鍾鎮濤) in the drama The Chord to Victory <少年五虎>. Shortly after, he became a singer in Taiwan and found his calling as a promising young actor in China. In the past decade, Wallace has starred in over twenty drama series, with his role in Imminent Crisis <一觸即發> receiving recognition and praise.

When asked if he will pursue a singing career in Hong Kong as well, Wallace said, “The industry in Hong Kong is very difficult because many people in Hong Kong probably haven’t seen my series or listened to my songs before. Now that I’m under a new management company in Hong Kong, I think there will be more opportunities for me to explore singing. I hope that my concert is successful enough that I can tour and also perform in Beijing and Taiwan.”

Source: Oriental Daily

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  1. He is already irrelevant in HK. Wallace, please stick in Mainland or Taiwan.

    1. That’s what I fear about these stars making it big in mainland china. Already they earn so much and yet I suppose films is to them a recognition and validation but yet once they step into movies, we will hardly see them. Unless you’re a movies fan.

      1. Yeah. Starring in a movie is less tiring than starring in a TV Series. I guess that’s the reason why some actors have transferred to the movie industry such as Alec Su, HXM and Yangmi.

        Anyway, I don’t think it’s really gonna affect him much though. Wallace never cared much about his popularity ’cause he said he likes to stay out of the media. So good for him. But most of his fans are in Mainland and Taiwan, so ;/

      1. I thought it was pretty obvious. Most people think he ain’t straight, expect their fans obviously. How old is he again? 38? With no rumored gf or actual gf? His typical excuse, which he said it a million times, is “I am busy. No time.” lol.

      2. My gay friend said Wallace gives him gay vibe. Idk about that, but yeah, his gestures and all that…seem a kinda feminine to me and he doesn’t have the ‘manly’ type. However, people cannot judge based on that since it is not exactly accurate.

      3. My straight friends say wallace gives them straight vibes.

        Oh come on!! We all wish don’t we? I am sure my dog thinks wallace gives animalistic vibes or whatever! may the best woman/man/alien/animal win!

      4. hhaha i know right, just b/c they dont have a g/f or a wife @ a certain age means they are gay? hhaha.
        i dont think that is it but hey we never know until he does say it out loud. he is too cute to be gay thou ahhaah…

      5. Unrelated but I find it funny that he never answered that question on whether he is gay or not. Instead, it was his bff jimmy lin who denied it.

      6. @kiki

        that’s the point. People say he is too cute and not ‘manly’ enough.

        even if he is gay, i doubt he’ll confess. How many gay celebs in china (excluding Taiwanese) have come out?

      7. And let So Kei tell his tale!!

        A lot of cute guys who are not very macho are not gay. A lot of gym going muscle bulging control macho freak are gays.

        If by definition of not macho, cute and handsome is gay, I am sorry to say every young idol in Taiwan, China, even Korea are gay, starting with Choi Si Won of Super Junior. Noticed how he seats? Of course you can also say he is also a rather “old man” with “old habits”. How about Nicky Wu? Hear him talk? But don’t most Taiwanese men talk that way?

        Or put it simply everyone is bisexual until they admit to favouring one side over the other.

      8. Ironic you talked about Siwon…he is homophobic though. but i agree. Yes gays tend to be quite ‘feminine’, but this stereotype excludes a large number of gays so it doesn’t work that way.

      9. He is a hypocrite and homophobic.

        His quote:

        “I do not wish to acknowledge homosexuals as I have been taught that God created Man and Woman with specific characteristics and duties.” – Choi Siwon

        He once gave a disgusting face when a fanboy said “i love you”.

        Yet he hugs and kiss his teammates….

      10. Just because he is still single does not mean that he is gay. I really hate it when people think you are gay/lesbian just because you aren’t married or dating. Maybe he is dating secretly and no one knows?? Or it is true that he is so busy that he has no time for love life?? Only he would know that…

      11. Oh I forgot Choi Si Won is a good Christian boy! Well he wasn’t being hypocritical. He has has views. Just because his doesn’t agree with the others doesn’t make him hypocritical. Again I shall quote So Kei’s father “Why can’t they see I too have my own opinion on this?”

        Not everyone thinks being gay is socially and religiously acceptable. He isn’t wrong, we aren’t all right. Not all the time.

      12. Funn Lim,

        I think what alis meant was that Siwon is being hypocrite because he has his own opinion and then does something that is the other way round from his own opinion.

        And yes, Siwon can have his own opinion. That is his right. However, if he used his own opinion to control other people, then that would be another story.

      1. uh…no. they are friends. Ruby Lin is forever alone though. Nobody wants her.

      2. Wallace Chung’s fans ship him with Ruby Lin the most though they are friends.

      1. And a rather pretty one!

        As for HXM, maybe HXM based his new looks on several faces he likes?

  2. I’m so happy for this news. Now, I can see Wallace in HK movies and see him speak Cantonese again. 😀

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