Wayne Lai, Moses Chan, and Virginia Lok React to Sire Ma’s Homosexuality

TVB reportedly benched Sire Ma (馬賽) after she evasively denied dating mainland Chinese talent agent, Wang Ziqi (汪子琦). Earlier, the TVB actress was photographed interacting intimately with Ziqi in Shanghai, and the Hong Kong media reported that Sire was in a lesbian relationship scandal. Sire quickly dismissing the relationship and claimed that Ziqi was only a close friend. She also accused the media for taking things out of context, but her claims were later rejected after a video of Sire and Ziqi kissing passionately in Shanghai was released online.

Moses Hints that Sire’s Love Life is “Messy”

Moses Chan (陳豪), Sire’s costar in Will Power <法外風雲>, expressed that he had heard of Sire’s recent scandal, but did not want to comment too much on the matter as he is not familiar with her. Upon hearing that Sire was frozen by TVB for two months, Moses looked shocked, and said, “I believe that as an artist, it is our responsibility to present our best image to the audience and do well in our jobs. Actually, in the past, all you needed to do was just do your job, but that’s changed now. Our private lives have become another source of media reporting, so it has become important for us to have an orderly private life and take care of it well.”

Wayne Has Open Attitude Towards Homosexuality

Wayne Lai (黎耀祥), Sire’s costar in Will PowerBullet Brain <神探高倫布>, and No Reserve <巾幗梟雄之諜血長天> was not surprised to hear about Sire’s new lesbian relationship and supported her. “She is a highly-promoted artist. I’m not surprised to hear about [the relationship]. Today’s society and I are not so narrow-minded.” Asked if future collaborations with Sire would be awkward, Wayne said no and declared that love has no gender, adding that many people nowadays are feeling confident enough to come out of the closet.

Virginia Lok: “It’s Against My Christian Faith”

TVB management executive Virginia Lok (樂易玲) chose not to comment on Sire’s scandal a few days ago, but she recently disclosed that she has phoned Sire to ask her about the situation. She said that many artists in the business have already admitted to their sexual orientation, and although she is not against homosexuals herself, it is against her Christian faith.

Sources: On.cc; On.cc; On.cc

This article is written by Addy for JayneStars.com.

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  1. “although she is not against homosexuals herself, it is against her Christian faith.”

    Soooo… she is against it?

    Has there ever been a consistent, articulate and intelligent statement by 620? Thanks to her reply, Sire is probably frozen back into TVB’s cold palace.

    Wayne is wonderful at statements. Moses… well he looks shocked on a normal day so I suppose that is his standard look.

    1. Jayne has been showering us with wonderful wisdom from Wayne. Keep them coming please! 🙂

      1. Wayne is indeed such a kind, understanding, and beautiful person. He very much deserves the position he has today. Wonderful man.

    2. lol,moses looks shocked in a normal day,maybe to much caffeine in his blood?

  2. This whole incident has blown so big, I wish netizens will give it a rest.
    I feel sorry for Sire Ma, I’m happy to see artists defending homosexuality unlike some comments on the other thread. Tis a shame.

  3. although she is not against homosexuals herself, it is against her Christian faith.
    this statement says it all.Amen.

    1. That is an example of allowing religion to control your thinking. We should let our religions guide us but we should think fur ourselves, not let it control us.

      1. How about you give examples of what you are saying? I’m a bit baffled by your comment and perhaps my little mind just can’t comprehend your logic.

      2. True followers of Christ obey his laws not take adventage of his teaching and use it to make yourself to feel better when times are tough. The world has sin in so many directions and when you allow sins to continue it just spread to generation after generations. When part time Christian who doesn’t follow the Church teaching should not claim themselve a Christ believer and should pray for their conscience to better understand the Bible and not finger pick what they want or don’t want to believe by twisting the meaning of God’s teaching. I don’t personally hate gays I still respect them as human being. I just don’t agree to their sexual behavior, it’s a mental illness. God made men and women and bless them the ability to create children for a family of their own. You cannot naturally make babies with the same gender it is not possible, and that is the fundamental truth of why it is wrong. Yes, love is love…some people may love their dog so much that he/she may want to marry their dog. You may love your biological sister or brother and wants to get marry but your from the same herd. Some man has five wives and claims he love them all and is okay to all have sex together in the same room because hey love is love. It is just very wrong in that picture…it is not right and not normal. I believe Gays love attentions and they abuse their right due the claims of freedom in America…they have the right to do whatever they like in their pravite life. In America they can get the title as a married couple but does not have the same acceptance as a married man and woman. So leave it be why force it into law and force others to accept your behavior or else they are to be put in jail for disagreeing some of the teaching of gay relationship in schools or other public working place and call none believe haters or other personal attacks. That to me is absolutely outragous. Stop forcing people to believe what you believe by puting it into law for a good chance of sueing none believers it’s wrong. Leave the other side alone and they will leave you alone and pray for you. Period

      3. Being a religious person myself I can say that it definitely does not control us, only a few of those who misinterpret certain scriptures of the bible will make their own assumptions. Honestly those that despise gays claim they are religious but they just use it as an excuse to degrade them like a certain group does.

      4. The Christian religion is an organization use to control the mass. Plain and simple. God didn’t make man and women, but people evolved from Neanderthals to Cro-Magnons to homo sapiens. In the past, it is perhaps reasonable that people believed in a higher being or even the supernatural because they didn’t know better, but not now, in the modern world of technology. It’s called ignorance. People need to think for themselves and guide themselves.

      5. Mt, can nothing come from nothing? Why should science and religion be irreconciable? Both can co-exist.

      6. @hrei:

        “I don’t personally hate gays I still respect them as human being. I just don’t agree to their sexual behavior, it’s a mental illness”

        ———-> May I ask what your career is??? Are you a doctor?? If you are a doctor, which school did you attend???

        1. To my best knowledge, being gay is NOT a mental illness. If your religion thought you that it’s a mental illness, your are free to believe that but don’t force others to believe it just like you said: “Stop forcing people to believe what you believe” because their religions might differ than yours.

        All doctors know by their hearts that homosexual is not a disease. It’s normal just like being heterosexual/bisexual/asexual. It’s the fact and it’s SCIENTIFIC.

        2. Homosexual is NOT a “sexual behavior”. It’s a “sexual preference” even though people tend to act on their preferences. Many gay people never involved in a same-sex relationship due to many reasons(i.e religions, cultures, discrimination) but if they have a choice, they will choose to sleep with their same sex partner. Many gay people can’t even bring themselves to act on it but if in their minds, they still put it as their preference choice, those people are considered homosexual as well.

        3. “Stop forcing people to believe what you believe by puting it into law for a good chance of sueing none believers it’s wrong. Leave the other side alone and they will leave you alone and pray for you”

        ———–> Gay people want to force it into law because they’ve been discriminated so badly by straight people. There are gay people who get killed just because they are gay. There are many human rights that gay people don’t have(i.e: marriage, accept children, etc). Since you talk about America, don’t you know that if you’re gay and have no family but only your gay partner, that partner doesn’t even have the right to come visit you in hospital and wouldn’t be considered as your relation by any means even you’ve spent all your life with him/her ???

        The truth is, all gay people are working and paying taxes just like you. The only diffference is they don’t have as many human rights as you do. So they are fighting for what they should have had in the first place. And since no straight person wants to give it to them, they have to fight for it by forcing it into law.

        4. “God made men and women and bless them the ability to create children for a family of their own.”

        ——> You need to teach me on this since I’m not Christian. If I understand it correctly, God made Adam and Eva but He didn’t bless them for creating children. They committed a sin and that was why they make children. They then had to come to this world to pay for their sins. Again, I could be wrong since it’s not my religion.

      7. @ Mt human minds and abilities are limited. Without God’s spirtual guidence, blessings, prayers and inspiriation the human mind itself won’t be able to dream big and have hopes of making these dreams becoming a reality. We would be like other animals or robots without feelings; without a brian to think and solve problems. I believe our sense of love, hope and rightouness came from God’s blessing and no other animal in this planet think, hope, dream and love like us. It’s not an accident, just look around you. Every creature created has it’s meaning and cycles of life. We have the choice to believe or not because God doesn’t force us. God bless us with technology to make our life easier but some abuse it and ignored that it came from God. When life is so good people tend to forget tough times and forgot who helped you get there. We are sinners and is easy to do the same to God. When you don’t practice your Faith it starts to get weak. When you practice it and keep learning about it, it takes you to a different peaceful place and you’ll see and respect life differently. If you can’t find the courage to connect with God at least respect those who do, have a fact based debate and not mock them.

      8. @Pandamao,
        What I meant is that some people base too much of their lives on religion. For example, I used to have a friend who claimed to not be religious but her family was. For example, they claim to be hardcore Catholics and they said that true Catholics cannot ever divorce. However, many of her family members were in unhappy marriages but did not divorce just because they are so religiously Catholic. I think IF they were so unhappy then just divorce. Basically they only did not to divorce just because of their religion. Isn’t that allowing religion to control them??

        My family is Buddhist even though I am not religious, I believe in the philosophy. However, I am not blind like my mom and aunt for example. My mom and aunt are so religious that it scares and annoys me. They said that we have to pray constantly and were not allowed to cry at funerals. But I was against not crying when I lost my dearest father and brother but they both told me not to cry or else my father and brother will not go to “Buddha Heaven”. I was really mad and do not believe in that. First of all, we do not know for sure what will happen and where we will go after we die. Just because my religion says I can’t cry does not mean that I will not. Isn’t that allowing religion to control what you do and think???

      9. @hrei,on one point i dont understand,if god have created men and women,then who have created god and who is the creator of gods creator and so on.where is the beginning?

      10. @ HK I’m not a Doc and I doubt neither are you since you didn’t mention you were. There are no fact statement regarding ALL doctors in the world stating gay is not a mental illness. It is not fair to say ALL in fact I knew some christian doctors who practice their faith regularly and thinks is a illness. I understand other countires kill gays and I’m not saying that’s okay. They shouldn’t be killed or put to jail for being mentally ill. I think gays should be treated like every human being with dignity. I just disagree when it comes to their sex behavior or perference and pretend is normal. I became a christian in 2005 and before that I think gay sex relationship are not natural due to the fact they cannot make babies together and cannot create a real family of their own. There is no connection for me to say is okay because there is no growth. Those who are afraid to claim they are gay could be thinking in their right mind they knew it was not normal, doesn’t want to be judge and they don’t know how to fix it. I’ve seen documentry of chriatians gays declare their sins and ask every christian to pray for them as they start their journey to fight those urges and desire towards the same sex by praying with their priest. Gays in America has a lot of right and abuse it. I have witness them walking downtown butt naked without any fear of being taking to the police dept and they are allowed to be naked in the gay street of SF…for goodness sake there are children and families in the street. I’ve witness them in a group kissing, mocking others and burning things down in a gay parade naked. That is not right and it sends a bad measage to me personally. Regarding the hospital visit if a person wish to honor someone special to visit them in the hospital they could get a lawyer or personally issue an affidavit statement to allow this particular partner to visit. Especially in America you have all those right. I didn’t see or heard of a law here you cannot honor a certian person to visit you. If gay right are passed into law in the US (some state already did ) many schools even religion schools will be force to teach same sex health education and if you don’t accept the law…jail time. If parents don’t want to expose their children to that you are against the law and will probably be sue or kick out of school for hate crime. Most people I know who disagree with gay sex/ relationship don’t think gay deserve no human rights so it’s not fair to say ALL. They deserve human dignity but he problem is they shouldn’t force people who disagree with them to accept it. I am perfectly fine if a gay couple wants to live together and spend a life time together and continue to sin their way. It’s their choice I can only pray for them.

      11. @ hrei:

        1. “There are no fact statement regarding ALL doctors in the world stating gay is not a mental illness. It is not fair to say ALL in fact I knew some christian doctors who practice their faith regularly and thinks is a illness.”

        ———->Ok, I’m wrong. Maybe not ALL but most know that. Those who don’t know that are your Christian doctors who “practice their faith regularly”. Sorry this is the truth and I mean no offense.

        Since you and I are not doctors, I guess we should listen to what researchers say. Here are some facts from Wiki:

        In the past, doctors used to think that it’s a mental illness and they TRIED to cure it by many ways and they FAILED. After that, they all come to a conclusion that it’s NOT a disease and CAN’T be cured. Here is the proof:

        A. “While some hold the view that homosexual activity is “unnatural” or “dysfunctional”, research has shown that homosexuality is an example of a normal and natural variation in human sexuality and is not in and of itself a source of negative psychological effects”

        B.”In recognition of the scientific evidence, the American Psychiatric Association removed homosexuality from the DSM in 1973, stating that homosexuality implies no impairment in judgment, stability, reliability, or general social or vocational capabilities.”

        C.”The World Health Organization removed homosexuality as a mental illness on May 17, 1990″
        D.”The Chinese Society of Psychiatry removed homosexuality from its Chinese Classification of Mental Disorders in 2001 after five years of study by the association.”

        E.”According to the Royal College of Psychiatrists, this unfortunate history demonstrates how marginalisation of a group of people who have a particular personality feature (in this case homosexuality) can lead to harmful medical practice and a basis for discrimination in society. There is now a large body of research evidence that indicates that being gay, lesbian or bisexual is compatible with normal mental health and social adjustment”

        My friend, with all the facts above and if you still choose to think that it’s a disease, then it’s your problem.
        Honestly, I don’t know why your Christian doctors think it’s a disease since many people today don’t think it’s a disease anymore. You can choose not to accept gay, you don’t have to like them, you can hate them, but calling it’s a disease is simply ignorance. And as a doctor, to think like that is simply just stupid.(I’m not talking about you. I’m talking about your Christian doctors)

        I don’t know when and where your Christian doctors go to med school. They probably graduated since a very long time ago and in the old time people thought like that. So I don’t blame them. But being a doctor, their job is to update medical knowledge regularly, so for them still think it’s a disease is simply not accepted.

        When you first go to med school, you usually have to finish your basic science in the first 2 year. There is a class called “Behavioral Science” and it teaches you everything you need to know about homosexual.
        Have you ever heard about the term called “sexual orientation disstress”, “ego-dystonic”, and “ego-syntonic” ???
        Allow me explain them a bit. If a homo person by some reasons think that being gay is wrong and he can’t accept who he is, they call him a “sexual orientation disstress.” That means he is ego-dystonic(don’t agree with sense of self). That person needs to go to a pyschiatric doctor and the doctor will help him to understand that being gay IS normal, and he’s called ego-syntonic (feel comfortable, agree with sense of self). Homosexuality is NOT considered a pathology unless it’s ego-dystonic.

        If you still don’t believe it, well, there is a book called “Behavioral Science Kaplan Review for USMLE step 1”, go buy it and read it for yourself. USMLE is a standard test that ALL medical students in the US must take in order to become a licensed doctor. There are 3 steps, called USMLE 1,2,and 3. Learning about homosexuality is taught in step 1 and it does surprise me if you said your Christian doctors still think it’s a mental illnesss when they are already practiced doctors. Go tell your doctors think about a way to cure it and maybe next time he can get a Nobel prize since the WHO Organization gave up on that.
        Last but not least, I don’t know where your Christian doctors practice medicine, if they practice it in the US, there is a book called “Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders” a.k.a DSM. This is the bible for pyschiatry practicing medicine and doctors should follow them since this is a standard book. It’s like a preference book. The one I know of is DSM-IV(the 4th edition). I don’t know if they have published the 5th edition yet but last time I check, in the 4th one, homosexuality is not considered a pathology.

      12. @hrei:

        2. “Gays in America has a lot of right and abuse it”

        ————-> REALLY???

        Last time I heard from President Bush admistration in term 2008 there was still an Act called “don’t ask, don’t tell” and it’s only removed when Obama takes the office. Correct me on this one if I’m wrong.

        There are only 14 states out of 50, and just now as I check the news today, maybe 15 out of 50 States allow gay marriage. If all gay are accepted, then why not 50 out of 50??? Why only 14 or 15??? If one isn’t allowed to get married to the one he loves and you say they have abused their rights??? Excuse me, really???

      13. @hrei:

        3. “I think gay sex relationship are not natural due to the fact they cannot make babies together and cannot create a real family of their own.”

        ———-> Your definition about marriage and family must be VERY different than mine. I thought marriage/family should based on love, not just to create children. If I know it correctly, in the vow you take in front of your Christian God, you promise to love your wife/husband forever during bad and good time. You don’t promise to make children. There are many couple who can’t get pregnant but they still live happy together. There are also couples who still divorce after having many children together. So I don’t think the purpose of getting marriage or to create a family must based on “creating children”

        But since you state that, then let me ask you how about those people who are old(like 50 or 70) and people who are young but can’t get pregnant due to some anatomically problems, should they NOT allow to get marriage as well ????

        And,should we must create a scanning machine to scan all women and men in their reproductive time to see if they are healthy enough to create children after getting marriage. If they fail, those people should be abandoned as well as gay people???

      14. @hrei

        Damn. You are so indoctrinated you don’t know fact from fiction. Your inane drivel makes no logical sense whatsoever. It all derives from dogma and self-serving bias.

      15. @hrei: If I really want to ‘mock’ believers, you’ll know it. You need to go do some research on evolution. I can give you some titles, Richard Dawkins for one, perhaps even Darwin. If actually a bit of a joke that you’re asking for a fact-based debate when the very existence of god cannot be proven.
        I think your biggest problem is that you don’t read enough. People who read, and who look for evidence, and who question blind doctrines, will be a little more skeptical about what they believe.
        Adults believing in god is like children believing in Santa Clause. The only difference is the latter is understandable because they don’t have the resources or knowledge to know otherwise, and the former is either lazy ignorance or desperation. I know a lot of people who believe, go to church or mosque or whatever. But I think it’s more for the community, to feel like you are part of something, to not feel like you are alone.
        Finally, to quote the very very intelligent and articulate late Christopher Hitchens, ‘What can be asserted without proof can be dismissed without proof’ and ‘The person who is certain, and who claims divine warrant for his certainty, belongs now to the infancy of our species.’
        Courage lies in one’s ability to live his life, THIS life, without the luxury of some heavenly gate waiting for him after he dies. Courage is knowing that this life is short and we will all eventually die, and when we die, our bodies will decay and go back to earth and our lives will be no more. Courage is knowing that there is no heaven to go to and no god waiting, which is why death is so scary. But this is why this life is so precious, not because we can go to heaven after we die, but because we can’t. Death scares us, dying scares us, so people want to believe there’s more, there’s god, there’s heaven, there’re angels, whatever. But connecting with god does not take courage. It’s in fact a cowardice act that reflects your fear of being alone, of thinking for yourself, of taking responsibility for your actions, of not being able to live, love, think on your own without some man-made book and doctrines.
        I live my life my way. I have the capacity to love, think, act, live without doctrines. I’ve hurt other people’s feelings before, as they have mine, and that’s just life. We learn from our mistakes and hopefully become better people. I have enough intellectual capacity to question what is taught me, to look for evidence, to doubt, to not believe blindly. Can you say the same for yourself??

      16. I am not religious in any way but what I do not understand about humans is their lack of ability to accept things that is out of their comfort zone. They believe in mother nature but refuse to believe a God may exist. That doesn’t make sense to me.

        People are sometimes so blinded by their own intellect that it often makes them ignorant. Bottom line is, what people see and what people hear may not always be the truth no matter how real it is.

      17. i m gay myself n i know this is the conclussion if u admit u r gay….all tis year i cant b myself…i m not robbing, raping o other criminal things…i juz born to b gay… i do not have choice…i really hope i can b str8 but its no option for us either v go to doctor or god..

        i m not a christian. but i do believe their teaching was not as harsh as wat the so many christian comment here..

        juz tell me if ur god able to turn gay back to str8 then i support virginia lok comment or else pls don represent ur god to bla bla ….

    2. Not necessarily, I’m religious as well and while our church states that marriage should be between a man and a woman but there is no hate for them. It depends on the person, I myself am religious but is very supportive of same sex relationships….it’s a common misconception that those who belong to any sort of religion especially those who has voiced their opinion previously about that certain issue means we are all against it, and I can tell you that is not true it’s each to their own opinion.

      1. @hrei
        .what kind of babbling BS is this.you are just covering up your own ignorant. Predjices and covering it up with religion. Why must you pray for them?

      2. Lol, the person above (qwerty) is either trying to imitate me or unintentionally having/using a similar name like mine. To those who recognize me in this website, the person above is not me. My avatar is not like that. The avatar on the left side in this comment is mine.

        And I don’t know to whom the comment was referred. hrei or Bobby?

      3. @hrei…homosexual WAS considered an illness back in the day. But in 1970s, I believe it was declassified and taken out from psychological book as a mental illness.

    3. IMO Virginia just said that to take a stab at Sire. Instead of saying shes against her being les directly she used her religion an an excuse

    4. 620 said,”it is against her christian faith”so she is frozen for two weeks.but the same faith also tells ppl to forgive,didnt she knew it?

    5. The Christian religion above all else teaches that we should treat others as you yourself would like to be treated, and that we should not judge others, lest you be judged yourself. It is not up to us to judge and condemn others for their choices, that’s God’s job essentially.

      Too bad many “Christians” forget those tenets.

      Live and let live… live your life the best way you can, help you fellow man, and worry more about your own personal space before worrying what Jane Doe and John Smith are doing. It’s not yours to judge them.

      Placing yourself on a pedestal and thinking you are better than your fellow man is a path towards arrogance, and a path towards destruction. It is not a very Christian-like behaviour.

  4. virginia lok lol not gonna even start on this lady. she used to be a producer on those seedy cat 3 films, isn’t that against her christian belief also? im sure cronyism and greed isnt in the bible either virginia.

    1. Agreed. It’s not as if she made tvb any better in the past few years…

    2. What !!!!!
      Virginia Lok produces Cat 3 films ??
      And she said she is so religious.!

      1. yes,thats the reason why she is religious,it is very handy for her,so that she can washes away her sin.

      2. Yeah crazy as it may seems, as long as you “believe” and have “faith” in Jesus your sins will be washed away. Like. DUH!

  5. I find it sad that people cannot be true to themselves in fear for what may happen to them.

  6. The fact that people are making such a big deal of a relationship shows how immature they are. Seriously, it is the 21st century already and everyone deserves to love, regardless of gender preference. Moses comment was the most offensive since it is definitely not Sire Ma’s fault that she got caught while being tailed by dogs day and night. Sad to see how Sire had to deny it but at the same time it shows that she was very aware of her image and tried to protect it well. Moses should pay attention to details like that more rather than be judgemental and homophobic…

  7. Taking advantage of artists is also against the Christian faith so why do you still do it Virginia?

    1. She is a hypocrite that uses religion for the wrong reasons.

  8. Sire may have mishandled this situation. Certainly been naive to deny this despite all the photos but TVB shouldn’t freeze her. Regardless of her sexuality, her acting skills are not compromised and should not be affected by this.

    1. Probably they freeze her to control the situation from further damage.

  9. I think everyone deserve to love who ever they want but I am afraid her career might be over!

  10. Moses Chan: “I believe that as an artist, it is our responsibility to present our best image to the audience and do well in our jobs. Actually, in the past, all you needed to do was just do your job, but that’s changed now. Our private lives have become another source of media reporting, so it has become important for us to have an orderly private life and take care of it well.”

    And this comes from someone who made a woman pregnant before marriage?

    1. is he saying that Sire Ma ‘does NOT have an orderly private life and didn’t take care of it well’ so it’s entirely her fault?

      seriously, if sire was kissing a guy (eg. with her rumored bfs such as jason chan), i don’t think we’ll see her being frozen.

      Moses is lucky that the public accepts him and aimee so when she fell pregnant before marriage it was acceptable. Doesn’t mean his right either.

    2. was never really a fan of moses MAYBE his words has been lost in translation but it’s still messed up for him to say “control their private lives and public image” he was the one who exposed him and Bernice’s underground relationship out of nowhere when their rumors died down. and agree with you about getting aimee pregnant before marriage. he should’ve just said no comment.

  11. #1 – many animals can change their sex when there is a low amount of a gender in their environment, some animals are asexual, many animals exhibit gay behaviors and that is all normal. Humans are part of the animal kingdom so it is not wrong to prefer certain ppl/sex over others. The Bible was written by PEOPLE not GOD. It’s a guidance to live a good life and PEOPLE decided what was to be put in the Bible. There were close committees back then that read thru many stories and put the ones they believe would tell the story into it. There are many stories found that were not part of the Bible but found around many of the other scriptures. It is all judgmental. This was what we learned at a Private Catholic College to not take the Bible at face value!

  12. I don’t like or hate sire. but this is really messed up. its her own choice it’s not like she’s hurting any one. support Wayne’s opinion all the way. as for moses hes just mehh. and Virginia doesn’t really care too much as long as she milks money off her artists.

  13. It’s a round about way of saying she’s against it, without it ‘seeming’ too offending- ya… blame it on the Christian faith once again!

  14. Thou shall not Judge! People People.. Are they hurting you or they forcing to have gay relationships! Leave gay people alone. Let them live their life. It’s their business and their business alone. Leslie Cheung was gay. Leave this beautiful woman alone. I’m not gay but I support same sex relationship. Love all people. Christian are weak minded hypocrites. Live life and be happy:) This is not a religious site. This is gossip site on hk stars!

  15. Though homosexual is considered as a sin but god asked us to love your neighbors just as how u love yourself, so I believe there’s no discrimination even as a Christian towards a homosexual guy / girl.

    But whether it is ok to be indulged in it, I saw a video before on Christianity, debates between pastors – there’s still no concrete solution or answer. Even the pastor himself is a gay and there is another pastor who’s not gay but he doesn’t condemn homosexuals instead he loves them just as how god loves us. Whereby there were two others who condemn homosexuals and said it is absolutely so wrong being a homo and that they can never go to heaven.

    Somehow I personally am confuse and do not know which is right or wrong or maybe there’s no right or wrong in Christianity as long as you have god with u ,having faith in god and accepting him into you, you are saved and have eternal life. This is how I interpret god’s word myself though I’m not a super duper extremist holy child of god but I do believe he is real and of his existence.

  16. “Moses Hints that Sire’s Love Life is “Messy””

    I don’t feel that way reading Moses’ response. The response feel to me more like hinting that the press is busybody.

  17. If Sire Ma is really benched for two months by the order of TVB management, Virginia Lok and TVB should be investigated and possibly charged by the Justice Department for discrimination.

    1. If homosexuality is illegal in HK? How can anyone be accused of discrimination of something illegal?

      1. Homosexuality is legal in Hong Kong. Plus, the court case Leung TC William Roy v Secretary for Justice is a precedent case that prohibits unjustified differential treatments based upon one’s sexual orientation. Therefore, if it is found that Mrs. Lok and TVB benched Sire Ma for two months due to her sexual orientation and not something else, they are liable to criminal persecution.

      2. Good. But only if Sire makes an official complaint. And if she does, her career is definitely over. So I do not forsee Sire doing anything like that.

    2. Sadly, HK doesn’t have an anti-discrimination law. You could be fired for being gay, black, female, white, etc. But I don’t think firing someone because the person is blah blah blah is a good decision in the long run. Firing workers > Workers lose jobs > Diminishing society’s bargaining power > Less business for big bosses > Supply outweigh demand > Goods are wasted > Big bosses are forced into bankruptcy > Diminishing society’s bargaining power even more > Economy is going down > More corruption in the political area > Crime rate is increasing > Society becomes chaos.

  18. “…many artists in the business have already admitted to their sexual orientation…”

    Just read 620’s comment. I’m really curious right now to know who they are. Yes, I know I would be seen as a busybody in real life, but in the entertainment industry, we are the king of everything and deserve to know everything, even the color of the underwear they are wearing today. Lol.

  19. Hey 620, is it also against your Christian faith to practice favoritism and abuse your power to control people’s career and livelihood?

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