Yeo Jin Goo Praised for His Acting Abilities in “Beyond Evil”

With Korean thriller Beyond Evil airing its finale earlier in April, leading star Yeo Jin Goo is drawing praises for his acting skills. The 23-year-old actor is complimented for his natural acting and his ability to keep the audience engaged to the story and his character development.

In Beyond Evil, Yeo Jin Goo plays a self-righteous talented detective who is transferred to a small-town police station and given the task of investigating a serial murder case. As the drama progresses and dark secrets are unveiled, Yeo Jin Goo convincingly portrays his character’s changes in demeanor and values.

Joining the entertainment industry as a child actor, Yeo Jin Goo found his breakthrough in 2013 film Hwayi: A Monster Boy where he played a young teenager striving to get vengeance against his kidnappers. His performance was widely praised, and the star won Best New Actor awards at the Blue Dragon Film Awards and Korean Association of Film Critics Awards.

Yeo Jin Goo further proved his acting abilities in 2019 drama The Crowned Clown by playing two separate roles: the incompetent king and a kindhearted commoner. Although it was a challenge to play two vastly different characters, Yeo Jin Goo’s acting brought the two characters to life.

While many are familiar with Yeo Jin Goo playing good-hearted characters, the actor’s performance in Beyond Evil has many fans hoping he will expand his acting range by playing more mature characters or taking villainous roles.

Source: Korea Star Daily

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