Yeo Jin Goo Reunites with IU in Variety Show

In the Korean variety program House on Wheels, 22-year-old Yeo Jin Goo and veteran artistes Sung Dong Il and Kim Hee Won invite celebrity guests to travel across the country in a mobile house. The upcoming episode is generating a lot of buzz after it was announced that IU will be making a guest appearance.

Fans are beaming with joy on discovering that IU and Yeo Jin Goo will be appearing in the same program after the two starred in popular fantasy drama Hotel del Luna. When filming completed for the drama, the two became close friends and Yeo Jun Goo took the initiative to invite IU to House on Wheels.

When asked if it was any different to work with IU in a variety program, Yeo Jin Goo replied, “It was not too different because we worked together for six months [for Hotel del Luna] and we went on a trip together after filming ended. Filming a variety show together feels similar.”

Yeo Jin Goo’s Thoughts on Joining House on Wheels

Going into House on Wheels, Yeo Jin Goo knew that the program would be different from other travel documentaries and he looked forward to seeing different parts of South Korea in a mobile house. While the cast had obtained a special license before they could drive the mobile house,  Yeo Jin Goo shared that driving on the road was more difficult than completing the tests because he was scared of getting into accidents.

During filming, Yeo Jin Goo was able to get close to nature and it made him pay more attention to protecting the environment. He shared the lifestyle changes he adopted, “While living in the house, I will try to reduce waste. I will open more windows at home and try not to use air conditioning.”

In an earlier episode of House on Wheels, Yeo Jin Goo confessed that he had never been in a relationship before and hoped to have a complete family in future. Without a timeline of when to get married, he laughed when asked about his expectation of his future wife, “I hope she can enjoy my cooking.”

Confessing that he does not usually cook by himself, he would watch online videos to learn how to cook and would demonstrate his skills in House on Wheels. Yeo Jin Goo shared that the online videos made it “very easy” to prepare food, and his pasta dishes turned out to be delicious.


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