IU Does Not Like Talking on the Phone

South Korean stars IU and Lee Jong Suk surprised fans when they admitted to dating in January. While some have been critical about IU’s initial denial and felt deceived, a majority of her fans are happy for the new couple to have found love and support from one another.

Recently, IU invited her good friend, Yoo InNa to star in an episode on her YouTube channel, which has surpassed 1 million views. Both actresses have projects coming up – IU’s sports comedy  Dream will be released on April 26, while Yoo In Na’s television series, Bo-ra! Deborah will begin airing on April 12.

In the episode, Yoo In Na revealed that IU does not like traveling. IU admitted to this revelation, “I don’t like leaving home. From the moment I leave home, I start to use up my energy source. However, going out with Yoo InNa is always fun!”

When the two friends were asked about the longest time they chatted on the phone, IU revealed another surprising fact about herself. “I can’t make myself sit through a telephone call. The only person I can talk on the phone with and not feel like I’m suffering is with my manager. We only talk about work. It’s the same when it comes to Yoo InNa too. I don’t like talking on the phone with anyone.”

IU joked that she has a fear of telephones. Funnily, netizens recalled how Lee Jong Suk once revealed that he has a fear of being watched. When more than seven people are watching him, his heart begins to beat faster. When he won an award in 2016, he was so nervous that he could hardly speak, and relied heavily on the host’s guidance. Netizens joked that the couple are a match made in heaven with their odd phobias.

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This article is written by Huynh for JayneStars.com.

IU and Lee Jong Suk Confirm They are Dating

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