IU and Lee Jong Suk Are One of South Korea’s Richest Couples

Following Dispatch’s tradition, a Korean celebrity couple is exposed every new year. Heating up 2023, IU and Lee Jong Suk have been dating for six months. Besides their visual compatibility, they are surely one of South Korea’s power couples, as their combined cash and real estate assets exceed 100 billion Korean won!

IU Already Reached Financial Freedom

According to Korean media reports, IU’s assets are estimated at KRW 52.7 billion as she was selected as the K-pop Female Singer with the Most Assets by South China Morning Post in 2021. In her early twenties, IU had also stated several times that she has already saved enough to live for the rest of her life, and claimed that she does not need to earn any more money.

Well known for her investments in the real-estate industry, IU owns real estate assets that exceed KRW 20 billion. She  purchased a KRW 13 billion high-end luxury home in cash in the affluent Cheongdam-dong, Seoul. Her other properties include a KRW 4.6 billion worth studio in Gwacheon, Gyeonggi-do,  and a picturesque mansion in Yangpyeong County valued at KRW 2.2 billion with the surrounding land at KRW 800 million.

Jong Suk Is Among South Korea’s High-Income Earners

Similarly, Jong Suk also possesses astonishing wealth with his investments and significant volume of Hallyu dramas under his belt. In 2016, he purchased a KRW 3.9 billion residential building in Sinsadong, Seoul. After converting it into a two-story cafe, he sold it for KRW 5.95 billion in 2020.  While making huge profits from his property investments, Jong Suk is comfortably living in a luxury mansion which had its value soar from KRW 7.3 billion to currently KRW 12 billion.

Based on his performance fees since 2014, Jong Suk is believed to have earned KRW 17.5 billion. The actor also shows immense potential to gain more wealth as he won the grand prize at the 2022 MBC Drama Awards for his compelling prisoner performance in Big Mouth.

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This article is written by Minna for JayneStars.com.

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