IU and Lee Jong Suk Confirm They are Dating

As part of their annual tradition of revealing a celebrity couple on New Year’s, South Korean paparazzi Dispatch revealed Lee Jong Suk, 33, and IU, 29, are dating. The couple has since admitted to their relationship, and posted their thoughts on social media.

Lee Jong Suk shared that they met each other in their twenties and remained only friends for a long time. However, IU always had a special place in his heart and soon became irreplaceable. They would often share their troubles with each other and discuss their futures, naturally becoming a source of mutual support. “Although she is younger than me, she occasionally is like my elder sister and senior. She is also a friend that I want to protect.” Now that they have become lovers, he wants to become a better person for her. He is also considerate of his fans’ feelings, and hopes that everyone can watch over their relationship kindly.

In IU’s letter, she apologized to her official fan club for surprising everyone and promised to take care of her relationship. She referred to Lee Jong Suk as her colleague whom she had relied on for a long time before naturally developing feelings. “I’m really thankful for his long term support. He always praises me for being cool. He is someone who genuinely encourages me, and is reliable and cute.” She credits the actor for motivating her recent passion for work.

Besides revealing Lee Jong Suk and IU as a couple, Dispatch also exposed Super Junior’s Shindong in dating a trainee. His agency confirmed the news, and stressed the couple does not have any plans for marriage. Many fans left congratulatory messages and hope that he is able to find true love.

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This article is written by Kiki for JayneStars.com.

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  1. I am fond of IU and I am happy she has found someone she is will to date… I wish them all the best. This news did take me afew days to digest… was not expecting this at all.

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