IU is Suffering From Ear Issues

South Korean singer, IU, recently performed at her sold-out concert, The Golden Hour: Under the Orange Sun. The event drew in over 80,000 fans over a span of two days at the Olympic Stadium in Seoul. This milestone marks IU as the first solo Korean female artiste to perform at the venue, establishing her status as one of Korea’s most popular and successful female singer.

During the show, IU confessed to suffering from ear problems. “Actually, some problems arose with my ears.” She added that she was anxious during preparation for the show, as her ears were hurting, and rehearsals were challenging.

IU said that her symptoms may be related to stress. She expressed, “When I am stressed, I will feel a lot of pressure. If I continue to sing under these conditions, my ears will be prone to symptoms.”

Although IU did not further elaborate as to what health woes she may be dealing with, fans referred to a segment from her documentary released in March, which alluded to her visiting the hospital for treatment. At the time, the documentary did not go into detail about IU’s treatment plan. It only showed her clenching her hands and shutting her eyes tightly, as if in a lot of pain.

The doctor in the documentary expressed, “If there is enough adipose tissue, the Eustachian tube is unlikely to open.” This generated discussion that IU may suffering from Eustachian tube dysfunction, which is a disorder where pressure abnormalities in the middle ear may result in symptoms such as clogged ears, muffled hearing, ear pain, and others.

Source: World Journal

This article is written by Huynh for JayneStars.com.

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