IU Accused of Deceiving Fans

Ever since IU and Lee Jong Suk’s relationship went public, the singer has been met with negativity in covering up her relationship. When the paparazzi exposed their relationship in January, IU finally admitted Lee Jong Suk was a “very supportive” friend for years until they started dating. Despite this, IU was accused of deceiving fans during the holidays by uploading a vlog that implied she was single when she was not.

Korean media outlet Insight recently released an article written by a fan, who criticized IU for misleading about how she had spent her holidays. In her Christmas vlog, IU was seen building Legos with her brother and showed signs of solitude. However, in reality, IU vacationed with Lee Jong Suk in Japan over the Christmas break.

Although IU’s video featured many Christmas theme decorations, fans were skeptical whether the vlog was actually filmed during Christmas, or if it was filmed beforehand. With the vlog being released on Christmas Day, many fans thought the timelines did not add up as IU and Lee Jong Suk were spending time at a luxury resort in Nagoya then.

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This article is written by Su for JayneStars.com.

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  1. I happen to know many of her loyal and dedicated fans are happy she finally found love. They all want the best for her…as for those that are critical, I doubt IU have time for. them. She will live her life as she sees what is best for her. She need not tell every fan what her daily personal life entail. I am happy for her… Her antis can just go away.

    1. @Hohliu
      I agree IU has her Personal life to live, and I’m happy for anyone who finds true love. However, that was wrong to deceive her fans into telling them she spent time alone when she is in a stable relationship and traveling with her boyfriend. You are right, these men and women do not owe the fans anything other than respect and appreciation for supporting them. They also do not owe the fans lies and deceit. They can just choose to keep quiet on certain topics. No one is putting a gun to their heads and asking them to spill the tea in their lives.

      1. @Renren agree with you on this. She can keep quiet or just post Xmas greetings online to her fans instead of misleading them.
        I didn’t see the actual posting and do not follow her so wondering at the same time if her fans were reading too much into those photos before her relationship news was announced.

      2. Completely agree. Celebrities do not owe fans an explanation, but IU *chose* to give an explanation that was false (if what’s said in the article was true). Celebs have a right to privacy, but they do not have the right to purposefully deceive fans. 2 different things.

    2. @Renren , @BearBear , @Minhee , I can understand the point you guys made. Just so happen I did see her Xmas Vlog… It just felt it was a very beautiful video she is releasing to watch everyone Happy Christmas… It had not mentioned she was doing that activity on Christmas itself. I personally did see it as pre-filmed. To be honest IU is not one that post what she does “live” often, so I was not expecting her to do so on Christmas day. But of course it was just myself… I can’t speak for others. So I really did not see her deceiving anyone. She is good to her fans but she does not update her fans with “live” sharing on social media all the time. She is a rather private person. And I always respected her for it. I am not a big fan as such but I do see her post on and then over the years…

  2. If they’re her actual fans, it doesn’t matter whether she’s single or not. Plus, she’s almost 30 years old. It’s not weird to be dating.

  3. They get married and threathen to sue those who say they are married. One has two wives and says he is single. They have the fans feeling sorry for them cause they can’t find someone suitable, as they say, when all that time, they are narried, abd threatening in no uncertain terms to sue fans, netizens and media if they continue spreading false statements. Now IU pulls this stunt. Why can’t they jeep their lying mouths shut, LOL. It is an affront to the sensible fans.

      1. I don’t want to mislead anyone either. The one who I said has two wives actually is not married twice. He has his own wife, but he us boning his handmer who is arrived. That js why I said he has two wives. On Valentine’s Day, he asked all single netizens to stand with him, as he is also very single. Apparently, he bones his beautiful male costar too. Just wanted to clear up the wife situation

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