Yeo Jin Goo to Stars in New Psychological Thriller, “Monster”

After gaining recognition for his role in Hotel del Luna, 22-year-old actor Yeo Jin Goo is confirmed to star in his next leading role in psychological thriller Monster.

Monster tells the story of two detectives who break the law and bend their own principles to hunt down a serial killer. As the detectives get deeper in their pursuit, they must examine the multifaceted side of the people involved in the case and ponder human nature, “Who is the monster? Is it you? Is it me? Is it us?”

Han Joo Won (portrayed by Yeo Jin Goo), a talented detective who has just joined the local police station.  As the son of the police chief, Han Joo Won’s has bright career prospects until he gets wrapped up in an incident that mirrors a murder case from 20 years ago. Han Joo Won will have to team up with detective Lee Dong Shik (played by Shin Ha Kyun) to solve the mysterious case while confronting their own internal “monsters.”

Sharing why he accepted the role, Yeo Jin Goo reveals, “The drama has a unique feeling that is different from other thrillers. I am attracted to the realistic characters as well as the emotional structure of the story. While Han Joo Won is cynical and lonely, he also has unwavering determination and lives in the moment. I look forward to showing everyone my new side.”

Fans can look forward to Monster when it premieres in the first half of 2021.

Source: Korea Star Daily

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