Bosco Wong Takes on Detective Dee in “Young Sherlock”

New detective drama, Young Sherlock <少年神探狄仁傑>, which stars Bosco Wong (黃宗澤) as famed Chinese sleuth Di Renjie, began airing on June 3. The series aims to put a new spin on the Chinese mystery genre.

Translated literally as “Young Miracle Detective Di Renjie,” Young Sherlock tells of a series of thrilling and cryptic cases faced by 26-year-old protagonist Di Renjie (Bosco Wong). With him on his travels are his close friend Wang Yuanfang (Ma Tianyu 馬天宇), medical expert and love interest Li Wanqing (Stephy Qi 戚薇), and childhood friend Tong Mengyao (Cindy Sun 孫驍驍). Together, the four unravel various bizarre mysteries that take place during the Tang Dynasty.

Unlike previous detective dramas, in which there lies only one solution to each case, Young Sherlock puts forth the proposition that there may be more than one truth behind a mystery. Moreover, Di Renjie is no longer portrayed as a character whose personality and mannerisms are already fixed in the eyes of the public. Rather, Bosco’s version of the sleuth possesses more abundant emotions and more room for development.

Lin Feng (林峰), the director of Young Sherlock, shared that he developed an interest in the mystery genre when he worked as an action choreographer on Tsui Hark’s (徐克) 2013 crime-action film Young Detective Dee: Rise of the Sea Dragon <狄仁傑之神都龍王>. Though Lin’s series is not related to the film, he tried to incorporate creative elements and ideas that he did not have time to fully develop when working on the movie. As a result, Young Sherlock features a more exciting and original plot, while still staying true to its historical context.

Young Sherlock is co-produced by H&R Century Pictures and the studio of actress Ruby Lin (林心如), who appears in the series as Empress Wu Zetian and also served as its art supervisor. The drama’s cast also includes mainland Chinese actor Yuan Hong (袁弘) as Emperor Gaozong of Tang, as well as New Princess Returning Pearl <新還珠格格> leads Ray Zhang (張睿) and Li Jiahang (李佳航).

“Young Sherlock” Trailer

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  1. Sound quite boring to be honest …….

  2. does anybody know where I can watch this? 😮

    1. Try searching the Chinese name of the drama on YouTube (I find that a lot of mainland Chinese dramas are put up on YT)

  3. Where can we watch this Young Sherlock drama? Bosco does look good there

  4. It feels flat between the two leads :/ and with the trailer focus on these two, and their flat chemistry… Am I supposed to feel interested in watching this :/?

    Initially, I was going to give it a try, but after the trailer :/ don’t think so.

  5. Is “Young Sherlock” the official title? His character is not Sherlock…

  6. Stephy Qi has a cute but fierce face… adorable much?

  7. I love Stephy Qi, she is in a lot of up and coming ancient series, which is a bonus for me! Well just waiting for them to be release. I hope this series isn;t to bad, looking forward to watch this.

  8. “Sherlock” is a bad choice for the film title. What does detective Dee have to do with Sherlock Holmes?

  9. Why Bosco always portray handsome character or charismatic ones?

    When honestly i look at him and he is just so so looking guy, his eyes look weird. But again TVB ran out of actors, Wayne lai is excellent but he’s too old. Is this TVB drama? If its mainland, i believed there are other better looking chinese actor than him.

    1. Well acting is not about looks but talent. What’s the point of being an actor if you just look good it can’t act?

      1. I agree.
        I didn’t like Bosco at first since he’s not the dashing handsome guy (kind of weird looking tbh lol), but he has charisma and acting talent that most other pretty boy actors don’t have.
        He is now one of those actors that I look forward to watching.
        I think with the right career direction, he could develop into an actor that would be able to replace the top HK actors that are aging out of their prime.

      2. so many fans wrongfully apply beauty contest standards to actor and actresses.

      3. Agree look at Micheal tse or Moses chan,both are not even handsome but both them get to be the main roles.

      4. Totally agree and sadly, many are just too shallow and Gor for looks only which is why there are so many untalented actors and singers who succeed regardless of how bad their acting and singing is. They are actors and singers,not models. Models are where you really need to look decent and have a decent looking body.

      5. Models are where you really need to look decent and have a decent looking body.

        Such a wrong impression. Shaun Ross is able to be a supermodel despite his albinism. Moreover there are many types of model such as hand model, leg model, hair model, etc. and those models do not need decent look or body. In fact there are many models without smoking hot body, such as Kate Moss. The look of a model is not as important as his/her ability to pose, express and attrack, especially the type of hi-classed models.

      6. Well if you are talking about hand models or a specific type of model,maybe not. But if you are talking about the typical model then I believe you do need a decent or good looking body. But then again, maybe you are right that you can be physically unattractive and all since due to the all of the airbrushing and photoshopping these days,they can turn an ordinary girl into Xi Shi.

      7. Maybe you can watch Fashion channel to see that most of models do not have sexy body. I think only Victoria Secret angels need pretty face and sexy body but not the hi-classed models. And in HK, most of those lengmos cannot be classified as models.

        Photoshop and makeup make wonder but they cannot turn a girl into a model. It is as hard as an actor/singer to become a model.

      8. A model? Skinny with a unique face, need not be pretty. Look at all the Asian models who made it big in New York, Paris. Not pretty but quite unique. Victoria Secret? Has to have a great body, since they’re selling lingerie.

        ” It is as hard as an actor/singer to become a model.”

        I disagree. We are not talking about actors/singers walking the catwalk, of course that won’t do but some do do it for their favourite designers, who specially invited them. Not including red carpet where designes will beg/entice/bribe big names to wear their clothes. For print ads, the era of supermodels is dead. Nowadays we have singers and actors modeling the dress they endorse, and that bring in money instead of mere models. Some models still make it big, like 1 in 1000 perhaps. Like I said, the era of supermodels is dead. Look at every magazine cover; how many are models and how many are entertainers? Even Playboy is dead because now we have celebrities like Miley Cyrus and Rihanna willing to strip but not strip all for the cover and fans want those, not those nude models.

        So it isn’t hard. And the actors are paid very very very well and they need not starve themselves. Yes they are still thin, still starving but not stick thin because designers will be willing to adjust their clothings for stars but not for their models.

      9. Playboy is not a good example to me. Let’s we say of Vogue when referring to fashion.

        The era of supermodel hasn’t been ended until the supermodels are still welcomed. For example, Miranda Kerr has just pocketed big bucks for her trip in China (just there to wave). Or Tyra Banks with her franchise Next Top Model still can get money and viewers. Moreover, the celebs can do the work of models but not in the field of high-classed fashion.

        Besides, the fashionicons are still surviving well and it means the fashion world has not been blended fully to celeb stardom.

    2. Speaking of his eyes, I do notice that he is slightly “cross-eyed”. I guess that makes him a naturally born court jester as opposed to a handsome leading man.

      Casting wise, this is a far cry from Tsui Hark’s successful film version in which he cast Mark Chao in the title role.

  10. The trailer is kinda urhm but I look forward to the series. Well, the cast looks ok and Lin Feng isnt a bad director in my opinion. However, which channel it is in?

  11. the trailer of that video clip is so awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! wooo!!!!!! is a tv drama i just realised that is a tv drama

    1. According to Wiki D-addicts, its broadcasting on ZJTV

  12. Really like the character of Di Renjie. Can’t wait to see this.
    I’m glad it’s not trying to be exactly like the movies since it would get boring really fast.
    Bosco is not like the actors who portrayed him as an adult. He can’t really pull off the same mannerisms, but he can surely put his own charisma into it and make him interesting and entertaining.
    The only thing that could let it down are poor story lines and bad special effects.

    1. The director is Lam Fung (not Ray), the action choreographer of the movies, so the martial arts effects are very good compared to most mainland productions.

  13. I saw the first 4 episodes and unexpectedly like this series more than TUA (first 4 eps). Too bad the source suddenly got banned from live streaming >_<

    I like all the characters. Bosco portrays a very playful Young Dee but very serious when he's crime-solving. Ruby as WuZeTian is also a great cast.

    Hopefully satellite and web broadcast is not far from now. I really want to watch the rest asap.

    1. Sorry but Ruby as WuZeTian is a very major miscast. I do feel those kinds of roles are suitable fir her.

      1. Watch before you judge.

        She plays the young Wu, before she even becomes queen. The perspective of the series is not her coming to power, but saving the emperor (to save herself).

      2. I did see her in other roles similar to that kind of role and she seriously is not suitable for those kinds of roles.

      1. It is aired on a regional channel. After watching 4 episodes, the live stream has been blocked.

  14. Bosco as Detective Dee? I just don’t see it. Maybe as a comedy it’ll work…

  15. “Young Sherlock … began airing on June 3.”

    What time does this drama air?

  16. Bosco is best actor in tvb and i think he is the next tony Leung

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