Christine Ng Refuses to Attend “Will Power” Promotions?

To boost the ratings for anniversary drama Will Power <法外風雲>, TVB ordered extra trailers to be broadcast in their TVB Jade channel throughout the day. Two promotional functions were held last week, which were attended by the main cast including Fala Chen (陳法拉), who is no longer a managed TVB artist. Female lead Christine Ng (伍詠薇), however, did not attend either promotions.

Christine was allegedly unhappy with TVB’s favoritism on Fala and chose not to attend Will Power promotions to voice out her disapproval. It was reported that many of Christine’s scenes were cut in order to have Fala shine stronger in the legal drama.

While the cast promoted in Hong Kong, Christine was seen vacationing in Paris with good friends Chilam Cheung (張智霖), Anita Yuen (袁詠儀), and Calvin Choy (蔡一智). Christine, who hesitantly renewed her TVB contract in late 2011, was reported saying that TVB only gave her small productions to star in and left her out in grand productions. The 44-year-old has been with TVB for 17 years and has starred in over 20 TVB dramas.

A source said, “Christine knew that she would have relationship lines with Moses Chan (陳豪) and Wayne Lai (黎耀祥). She thought she would have a lot of screen time, but in order to convince Fala to renew her contract, TVB demanded the producer to add more scenes for Fala and have her lead over Christine. She wasn’t too happy about that.”

In regards to Christine’s absence in promotions, Wayne said, “It doesn’t matter. I don’t think it’s a waste. Accommodation is very important when it comes to these promotional events. Artists are busy in their private lives too. Moses and I are part of [TVB], so even if we have other things to do, we have to attend [the promotions].”

Producer Tsui Ching Hong (徐正康) said, “This drama has a very strong cast, and I do want the full cast to attend promotions! But [Christine] told me that her husband has some business in France and she needs to help him.”

Christine could not be reached for comment.

Source: Sudden Weekly #951 via

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    1. She doesn’t seem like she aged LOL, even so she has aged nicely.

  1. This sure does sound like fabricated news. Christine doesn’t seem like a person who’d get all heated up over screentime and tvb’s favouritism…if she did care she would’ve voiced out her disapproval a long time ago since she’s been with tvb for so long, & yet she’s still staying in tvb. She also has her own business outside of her acting career, so I wouldnt say acting is her to support her living hence her decision to stay with tbb. Christine seems genuinely passionate about acting when she does get casted into roles, and she does quite well in potraying her chracters too. Annoyed at the fact that tbb never seems to cast her into bigger roles.

    Both she and Fala are good friends anyway, so reports of Christine being upset about tvb’s favouritism over Fala sounds for like promotional noise for the series rather than facts. Just my thoughts.

    1. These “news” are so refreshing, because usually you’ll see the media report TVB cutting Fala’s scenes since she’s no longer a contracted artist.

  2. i rather see christine more than fala because personally when it comes to acting christine is better than fala and i think short hair doest suit fala that much.

    1. Couldn’t agree more!!!
      I’m like watching “Holiday” in short hair!!!

      1. i did not even recognize fala on the first scene in the first episode, when her bf almost hit the 2nd wife and the son. i thought she is some sort of new comers.

  3. She’s on vacation so of course she hasn’t attended any promotions so far?

    Also, Christine was technically the 3rd choice for the role (after Maggie and I forget who else couldn’t do it). It shows that she doesn’t have that big of an ego.

  4. I just can’t stand Fala’s and Jason acting in Will Power!! I’m like “Seerioousslllyyy?? LAWYER??”
    Christine’s looks good in this and both Wayne and Moses are funny and okay to watch.
    Honestly, to compare their acting with Ruco in BK, gosh!!! RUCO DEFINATELY the BEST!!!

    And maybe I am a little biased on Fala’s.
    But ewwhhh after watching her TERRIBLE, AWFUL and HORRIBLE acting in that ghost movie, Tales from the Dark2, the one she acted with Gordon Lam, I really LORRRR each time I see her!
    I anticipated this movie to watch her but OMGOSHH then only I realised Dada Chan acted in the first one and her acting is so so so much better compared with Fala even she is with her FULL clothes on!!
    Her emotions and everything, Fala as a senior, acting longer than Dada just failed miserably!!
    She really should just stick in dramas, please don’t go to the movie industry, it’s not for her YET!

    I mean in dramas, because of the lengthy period of time, sooner or later, we will start to ACCEPT her or just fast forward those scenes she is in but not in a movie which only last for 2hours, she needs to capture the attention of the audience in that little given moment! And she failed MISERABLY!!
    OMGosh. To anyone that think Fala is terrible in TITS2, go and watch TOD2, she is HORRIBLE in that and I can’t even think of a proper word to describe how EWHHH her acting was!!!

    1. haha. zz!! you dislike then just off the tv lar who force yout to watch? I waiting for epsiode 6 now so kan chiong. haha. You dislike then just ask RICKY HKTV to produce drama for you to watch lar.

      1. Hello Raymond, u didn’t read that I’m writing I can’t stand only both Fala and Jason but I do find Christine, Moses and Wayne acting is good.

        Plus yup, I’m quite force to watch it because here in Malaysia, I PAID to watch these dramas.

        It is okay for u to dislike HKTV, I did not dislike TVB. And if u read my comment correctly, I find this drama okay but I just couldn’t stand both Fala and Jason acting!

      2. ok sorry yen. I supposed you are female right. LOL. And i actually quite hate fala cut short her hair. But i knew i am biased because i only like long hair girl. haha.
        But still very kan chiong for tml episode, this i hope moses can win it ler. hehehe

      3. @Raymond
        as for the storyline of this drama, I agree with you.
        yup, it’s very kan chiong and I too look forward for the coming episodes 😉 how both Moses and Wayne compete with each other in the court!
        I just hope there will be lessssssseerrrr screen time on both Fala and especially Jason ==.
        I totally have no idea why is TVB keep promoting him? Why can’t they switch the role to Vincent? He is surely a much better actor than Jason.
        The drama itself is good to watch but it’s the casting that causes headache, I mean Fala and Jason.
        And I can only hope Sire Ma doesn’t add in the list.

      4. @Raymond
        but hahahas I hope Wayne will win instead because Moses “sifu” is the bad guy in this drama, surely I will hope the good guy win 😉

      1. Jason would be heart paining reading ur comment on him 🙁

    2. Her acting in that movie is good though! Anyway, I just want to laugh at your commennt:))

      1. I had read several comments on internet, and most of them are positive responses, so maybe you’re different.

  5. Great folk story.

    Oh Next Media… I still laugh when they shut down their piss free Sharp Daily paper.

  6. I doubt it. There is such thing called contractual obligations so my guess is she had a good reason for not attending. So far her character in Will Power is like cardboard cutout devoid of any personality.

  7. Christine is the most unconvincing judge to be honest. It might be her acting but I blame the poor casting choice as well.

  8. Jessica would have made a more convincing judge perhaps? But she gets too stereotype into legal roles I guess coz she looks so good and convincing in them.

  9. I think its unfair to promote Fala, since that woman has declared that she is veering out of tv series. I support Christine, Mosses and Wayne. If there are slip ups that has to be the producer/script writers etc. responsility.

  10. I like Fala as “Holiday” but somehow I don’t feel the chemistry between her & Vincent. They are couple right? Somehow I don’t feel the chemistry!

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