Joe Chen and Bosco Wong Star in “Destined to Love You”

Tong Hua’s (桐华) third major television project Destined to Love You <偏偏喜欢你> has become a hot topic online. Dream Stardom Film and TV Culture revealed its character posters for the military idol drama featuring.

Starring Joe Chen (陳喬恩), Jia Nailiang (贾乃亮), and Bosco Wong (黄宗泽), Destined to Love You takes place in Shanghai in the late 1910s. Joe portrays Qian Baobao, a cunning young woman who assumes the stolen identity of a female instructor at an all-male military academy in order to earn enough money to help her sick mother. During her stay at the academy, Baobao finds herself entangled in a complicated love triangle with the flirtatious Xiang Hao (Jia Nailiang) and the intelligent Shen Wentao (Bosco Wong), both instructors at the academy.

Also starring in the series are rising stars Zhang Yunlong (张云龙), Gao Weiguang (高伟光), Li Zifeng (李子峰),Tan Junyan (谭俊彦), Xu Qifeng (徐麒丰), and Zheng Long (郑龙), portraying youthful and glowing students at the military academy. Zheng Xuang (郑爽) makes a special appearance as Xiao Han, the female instructor whose identity Baobao stole, and Benz Hui (许绍雄), who stars as Principle Huanxi at the military academy.

Helmed by Tong Hua, who has written critically and commercially successful novels such as Bu Bu Jing Xin <步步惊心> and Ballad of the Desert <大漠谣>, Destined to Love You is one of 2015’s most highly-anticipated dramas. Its production company Dream Stardom is also known for producing many successful television drama series, such as Ru Yi <如意> and Best Time <最美的時光>.

Destined to Love You poster  Destined to Love You poster 2  Destined to Love You Joe Chen

Destined to Love You Jia Nailiang  Destined to Love You Boso Wong  Destined to Love You


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  1. Wohh Joe Chen + Bosco. Two attractive stars and I like the costumes 😀

    1. It’s so colorful , reminds you of yu mama production with all that color! Bosco looks nice hehe

  2. Wow!!! Even I don’t really know the actors in this film well…I know is Bosco Wong!!! I really love their outfits is way better then the colthes of Tvb!!!!

  3. Pros:
    -Qiao En
    -Plenty of eye candies
    -Nice(although a tad bit too modern and colorful) uniform designs
    -Hengdian Studio scenery
    -military school theme

    -Everyone will be dubbed
    -cliche 2 boys 1 girl love triangle
    -cliche stealing identity storyline

  4. Judging by the character personality Bosco ain’t getting the girl! LOL Tong Hua always pairs the main girl with the “arrogant” guy!

    Not likin the identity switch though reminds me of Perfect Couple that she also wrote!

  5. Wow, I never thought Joe Chen and Bosco Wong would ever collaborate in a production.

    I thought Tong Hua is gonna use Cecilia Liu in all novel drama permanently. Looks like the author is well aware how she totally ruined Ballad of the Desert.

    1. LSS is only if produced by Tangren!

      Tong Hua has no novel called this! I think this is more like Perfect Couple where Tonghua supervise and create the outline only buy her subordinates wrote for her to review!

      1. Actually, this is Tong Hua’s produced. Not sure about if she wrote a novel, but produced and script are all hers. I believe that’s what she gearing toward now, writing/producing series instead of focusing on novels.

    2. LSS isnt used by Tong Hua but Tangren. This one isnt produced by Tangren, therefore no LSS and Hu Ge.

      1. I love LSS in DMY, she was played it well! So cute ! And that woman can cry!

  6. Shanghai in 1910?
    More like Shanghai in alternate universe judging by the costume

    1. Comic like. The costume reminds me of some manhua published by Tong Li Comics.

    2. I have the same problem with 1910, too. I don’t think china would have a female instructor at an all boy military camp back then… Also… Her physics is like tiny -.- not buying this premise >_>

    3. This seems like more of a modern fantasy like series mire than a military based series.

    4. The costumes are borderline cosplay quality. Just hope the cinematography makes up for the “flimsiness”.

      Anyway, still look forward to it

  7. Qiao En + military theme.. I’m in!!!

    I hope Tong Hua handle this good.

  8. I find Joe Chen kinda plain. Presentable, but that’s with makeup.

    1. Joe is very cute even without make up,, and with her acting sparkling in front of camera.

    2. At least she is a natural beauty. She is also s good actress. It is much more than only looks.

  9. That is Joe Chen? As in the Taiwanese actress from Fated to Love You? Doesn’t look like her.

  10. Bosco’s totally working the mainland market. Like a boss. That said, I’m no linger interested in this drama now that the castings revealed.

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