Allen Ren Still Affected by Cheating Rumors

Attaining popularity from starring in dramas Under the Power <錦衣之下> and One and Only <周生如故>, actor Allen Ren Jialun (任嘉倫) pairs up with Fair Ying (邢菲) for the second time in newly-dropped historical fantasy drama Burning Flames <烈焰>, which broke 200k views in its premier episode, despite a relative lack of publicity.

Product Placements Disappear after Episode 5?

Adapted from the manhua “Wu Geng Ji”, Burning Flames chronicles the story of Prince Wu Geng, who loses his family and is stripped of his power. Turned into a slave “A Gou” as the lowest of the lowest in the mining camp, he finally reverses his fate and puts an end to the long-standing struggle against slavery.

Netizens, however, have protested about the 34-year-old actor portraying the teenage version of his character, with some remarking that actress Ma Su (馬蘇), who is only 9 years older than Allen, and plays his mother in the drama, looks younger than him.

With recent projects The Blue Whisper <與君初相識>, Thousand Years for You <請君> and Twilight <暮色心約> faring poorly on Chinese review site Douban (the three dramas had scores of 5.7, 5.9 and 5.3 respectively), they speculated that Ren Jialun is paying the price for his cheating rumors, which has dealt a blow to his image, despite his studio releasing a statement to the contrary. Drawing a link to Ren Jialun’s dipping popularity, they also spotted how lucrative product placement in the drama disappeared from episode 6 onwards, amid rumors that the actor forked out his own money to promote the drama.

Nevertheless, the drama’s star-studded, ‘golden’ supporting cast including Joe Chen (陳喬恩) whose last appearance in a costume drama was 5 years ago, Ming Dao (明道), Peter Ho (何潤東) who plays Ren Jialun’s father onscreen, and Rulu Jiang Xin (蔣欣) are a definite draw for viewers. 

Source: WorldJournal

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  1. He never denied it…there are consequence to actions. It is his own decision to make.

    1. Not sure how much of his declining popularity is related to the rumors (?truth) but it does not help that netizens have been complaining about his acting since the Blue Whisper and his voice ever since he stops using a voice over in Forever and Ever.
      Not keen in this drama though there is hardly any drama to watch. Hoping that Queen of Tears will keep my interest till the end unlike Marry My Husband.

      1. I watched Marry My Husband till the end…but no rewatch interest. I have a rewatch drama interest…so that says alot about drama for me.

      2. @Hohliu Same here, I tend to rewatch non-detective dramas that I have managed to watch till the end and enjoyed, maybe not every episode but a good amount of the drama. Unfortunately getting till the last episode does not happen often list to make it to the rewatchable list.

        Have you heard about Jeremy Tsui’s quitting showbiz? Wonder why the sudden announcement.

      3. @Bearbear, yes, read about Jeremy. I feel disappointed as he is really a under rated actor. I hope he moved to a better manager

      4. Unless the agency have big dirt on him and threatened to exposed him thus he rather retire that be further threatened. Just a guess. But regardlessly, I hope he will not quit..

      5. @Hohliu never thought of him having issue with agency until speculations from his sudden announcement. Had the impression that he was from a well-off family based on some article back when he was dating Niki Chow.
        But yes, felt he was underrated and his recent drama choices were bad though he was the lead.
        There was also speculation that his health was the reason. Maybe we will hear more later.

      6. I don’t know how true it is, but I read some melons that he’s leaving showbiz because his agency keeps accepting jobs he doesn’t want. Some of his recently aired dramas are definitely with younger actresses, a good number of which have a reputation of not being able to act.

    2. Problem with RJL is he likes to act in idol dramas as it makes the most money (which is fair enough), however, he has a no kiss clause, which means all of his kissing scenes are manipulated (angles + body double). And ppl started to catch on, and that in a sense, pull the audiences’ enjoyment of watching him as it really is acting, and not even trying to be believable. So with limitations like that, and lack of diverse acting chops (at least XK/WL/WHD can kiss), it does affect his fan base

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