Allen Ren Lightens Up the Scene in “Love a Lifetime”

Out of all male stars in China, 31-year-old Allen Ren (任嘉伦) is by far one of the most prolific actors of 2020. After starring in last year’s breakout Under the Power <锦衣之下>, jobs after jobs are coming for Allen, who is on its way to be one of the biggest rising starts for 2020.

The wuxia romance Love a Lifetime <暮白首>, which premiered yesterday on Youku and iQIYI, is rising quickly in viewership, and part of that reason may be because of Allen, who plays a man of two identities.

The original series centers on Nalan Yue, a member of the mysterious Lingxu Pavilion, who assumes the name Lin Jing to infiltrate Longyin City. The witty and free-spirited Lin Jing falls in love with the naive but straightforward Rong Hua (portrayed by Zhang Huiwen 张慧雯), the second daughter of the city’s leader Rong Jingfeng (portrayed by Lu Xinyu 卢星宇). But their journey to love is marred with obstacles, as the star-crossed lovers soon realize that their families have been involved in a generational-long revenge plot against each other. As they set off to convince their families to let go of their hatred, Nalan Yue finds that he is fated to become the successor of a demonic martial arts technique, and he—too—will be consumed by hatred.

Allen and Huiwen’s chemistry bounced off each other well in the first episode, and their romance is introduced early on. Behind the scenes, Allen is as playful as Lin Jing, joking around on set and often pulling pranks on his costars, including Huiwen. Even the director is at the whim of Allen!


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