Allen Ren and Landy Li’s Pairing in New Costume Drama

(Above) Ren Jialun defies negative rumors to emerge strong with his dramatic performances.

Despite on-off spates of negative rumors that has been marring his image, actor Allen Ren Jialun (任嘉倫) leads a new costume drama where he is paired with rising actress Landy Li (李蘭迪). 10 years apart, the two’s onscreen pairing been generating positive buzz, as netizen excitement brewed over the strong couple vibes between the two!

Mood Unaffected by Ongoing Rumors


Breaking out in the 2017 drama The Glory of Tang Dynasty <大唐榮耀> in his role as Li Chu, Allen announced news of his marriage the previous year to Nie Huan (聶歡). The following year, he announced that he was going to become a father, and was subsequently frozen by his agency – though he managed to retain strong viewer support with his consistently acknowledged acting chops. Last year, the actor was marred by talk of wife-cheating behaviors, with more rumors swirling that he has in fact already been divorced for 2 years, dealing yet another deafening blow to his reputation.

Recently, Chinese paparazzo “Superpower Photographer Yangyang” revealed an ultrasound image and hinted that Allen Ren has already impregnated a lover who is currently 6-weeks along.

This time, his studio finally took swift action and retaliated with a statement threatening legal action, stressing that “All talk of prostitution, cheating, divorce and “having a second child” are untrue, we hereby declare that these are of malicious intent and constitute slander. Mr Ren Jialun has never engaged in any of the above actions”. Following the statement, the paparazzo deleted the photo and wrote simply that he was “Respecting the opinion of the party involved”.

Despite ongoing defamatory talk, Allen’s mood appeared to be unaffected as he is busy with his new drama project, Liu Shui Tiao Tiao <流水迢迢>. Initially frowned upon by netizens, photos revealed of the couple on set has turned public opinion on its head. Portraying strong couple vibes, one of the scenes showed Allen and Landy on a wooden bridge where both conveyed a gamut of conflicting emotions from affection to despair, with Landy ending up hugging Allen tightly. Many praised Allen for his powerful emotions conveyed through the eyes, commenting “What tug-of-war are the leads up to, Ren Jialun looks like he is gonna devour Landy Li!”









Source: Upmedia

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