Ren Jialun Renews Contract with Huanrui?

(Above) Ren Jialun has just wrapped up “The Demon Hunter’s Romance” <無憂渡>.

Marred by rumors of cheating on his wife in 2022, has actor Allen Ren Jialun (任嘉倫) quietly renewed his contract with his agency, Huanrui Century?

Image Affected by Cheating Rumors

In early 2023, Chinese paparazzi spilled that a certain siusang cheated on his wife during her pregnancy and was even caught by the other party’s husband, but the matter was allegedly settled by his agency with an exorbitant sum.

Hints that the actor “has a three-word name and consistently attended New Year’s Gala” then led netizens to point the ante at Ren Jialun, hence dealing the death knell to his loving public image. Widespread word was that the actor narrowly escaped having his career totally tarnished due to Huanrui Century stepping in to mask over the matter for him, which might explain Ren Jialun renewing his contract for another 5 years, despite intentions of leaving.

Pairs with Unknown Actress in New Drama

There was also word going around that he had been arranged to star in a self-produced ancient drama by the studio, and that his next onscreen partner will be Huanrui artiste and C-list actress Xu Kaining (徐愷嚀). This naturally raised many eyebrows, as the actresses Ren Jialun had paired previously were all those at the top of their game the likes of Dilraba Dilmurat (迪麗熱巴), Bai Lu (白鹿), Tan Songyun (譚松韻).

Immortal Samsara.

Not only was Xu Kaining, who played the jealous and vindictive Fairy Ying Deng in Immortal Samsara <沉香如屑> a huge distance from his previous co-stars, she was also rumored to have been the third party in Immortal Samsara producer Oscar Gao’s (高新傑) marriage, which explains how she had more screen time than even supporting actress Meng Ziyi (孟子義).

Given Ren Jialun’s positioning, many are inclined to doubt the veracity of the rumor. They also questioned why he was in a hurry to renew his contract, which would only be up by year end.

Watch the trailer for Ren Jialun’s upcoming drama “Wu Geng Ji”:

Source: Upmedia

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  1. His affair news have disappointed me alot. The actress is not even pretty, of course that is not the point. Even him Jialun cannot fight the temptations of the industry.. All respect I had towards him is gone and I cannot watch him in a drama with ease as before…. Do I believe this rumour, what is there not to believe. He never denied it….and his popularity has been affected recently.
    He hurt his loved ones the most…he has to bore the consequence. Stupid man.

    1. Who was the actress?
      When I first heard about it, the immediate thought I had was all the “praises” he received for not doing the actual kissing scenes with his costars were nothing but a joke and pretentious.
      Anyway still haven’t managed to complete his drama so I am at the stage of having the impression that he does nothing except frowning in his role and sounding breathless.

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