Angelababy Switches Agency to Yuekai Entertainment

After rumors of fans being displeased with her unsatisfactory work arrangements and dwindling jobs in 2020, Angelababy (楊穎) had reportedly ended her contract with her agency in June this year. Recently, fans shared on social media that the actress has now inked a new contract with Yuekai Entertainment, which later confirmed the news!

Since Yuekai Entertainment already manages several famous artistes including Yang Yang (楊洋), Ying Er (穎兒), Victoria Song Qian (宋茜) and Wu Chun (吳尊), netizens speculate that Angelababy’s high-profile sign-on to the company is reflective of her ambitions to usurp Song Qian’s position as the top female artiste under Yuekai. This evoked a flurry of discussions among netizens and trended on social media, reaching a combined 200 million in views and discussion numbers.

Fans Voice Discontent

With the confirmation of her new management agency, many fans of Angelababy then left comments on Yuekai’s Weibo page expressing their wish for their idol’s interests to be well-taken care of. As there had been swirling rumors that Yuekai’s first “welcome gift” to Angelababy will be the casting opportunity in the drama Twilight (tentative name) <暮色心约> alongside actor Ren Jialun (任嘉伦), fans are already voicing unhappiness and objections to their idol having to share screen time with another co-lead in novel-to-drama adaptations.

In recent years, Angelababy’s career had failed to break through, with her one-dimensional acting being  mocked by viewers time and again, despite a string of works including General and I <孤芳不自賞> – which further suffered from photoshopping rumors, Entrepreneurial Age <創業時代>, My True Friend <我的真朋友>; and netizens even labeled her as “queen of underperforming films”.

The actress then switched to starring in web dramas, and her pair-up with co-stars like Lai Kuan-lin (賴冠霖) in Love the Way You Are <愛情該有的樣子> and Ma Tianyu (馬天宇) in Chen Yuan <塵緣> reflected the once A-lister’s declining popularity.

Entertainment Mogul Ambitions?

At the start of the year, she was spilled to have started a company with Louis Koo (古天樂) and other artistes to nurture new talents for social media and e-commerce platforms.

On the other hand, husband Huang Xiaoming (黃曉明) was also revealed by netizens to be ambitiously expanding his business plans, being a new shareholder for over forty-eight companies, despite having a much lower dramatic output than before. He had also teamed with industry insiders like Li Bingbing (李冰冰) and Ren Quan (任泉) to set up investment firms, after which he founded his own studio to invest in post-production for films and dramas.

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  1. I don’t know if her career is “stagnating” in that sense, she is on Keep Running and is always creating buzz on the red carpet. She’s also a rather young mother. She is the Chinese artist with the most followers on Weibo. Perhaps she just slowed down because of the pandemic and taking time to care for her son? This might just be her prime I think.

  2. She seems entertaining and smart , suited for variety shows.
    Despite her popularity, her acting career is “dwindling” there are some rumours that potential costars shy away from dramas with her due to her acting reputation lol

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